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  • RE: 1095: "A Genius's Brain! Six Vegapunks"

    Grand Guerilla seems to have done a lot of Jojo fan art in the "official" style of the David Productions anime and I could see that serving them well on One Piece. The detailed closeups that I assume they handled in the first half with the multiple layers of light and shading meshed really well with Shida's style. Good directorial debut for Hyun Erei.

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  • RE: 1095: "A Genius's Brain! Six Vegapunks"

    @Dahaka said in 1095: "A Genius's Brain! Six Vegapunks":

    Another awesome episode filled with sakuga goodness.

    Honestly the overall quality of this arc is even higher than Wano so far. People thought after Wano quality will decline, but no, it just keeps getting better.

    Wano transforming the anime production into one with an environment that appeals to big-name animators and has them want to stick around is something that will continue to pay dividends for years to come, especially as things get tighter and tighter in the industry. We're already seeing this if you take Vincent Chandard as an example. Much ado was made aout him working exclusively on One Piece during the latter part of Onigashima, his contract concluded...only for him to come right back almost immediately for another whole year.

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  • RE: Studio Ghibli thread

    Finally got around to watching the Boy and th Heron, which was a very frustrating watch for me.

    The first chunk was fine enough, even if I found it extremely indulgently paced - the animation is great, but I do not need to see every little motion of pouring tea and walking across a room or whatnot.
    But I just could not make heads or tails of the movies' second half. And I don't mean in ters of "logical sense" or "the rules of the world" or stuff like that, I mean in terms of character motivation and goals, how we were supposed to view certain characters, the thematic throughline, what the stakes were, if there really were any...I was constantly on the back foot, trying to make things connect to each other somewhat.

    And I know Miyazaki movies usually have a dreamlike quality about them, I've seen them all, but I don't have this issue in (most of) his other films. Spirited Away is full of unexplained magic, but I can track goals, and character dynamics, and growth and themes...I see a lot of people extracting meaning from Heron by juxtaposing it with Miyazakis own life, but without deep knowledge of that it felt really flat for me.

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  • RE: Settei Pre

    Bumping this thread, Does anyone have High-Res Drum-Water 7 Settei? Lots of stuff out there for season one and later seasons, but the Pre-Timeskip before Thriller Bark is really spotty

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  • RE: European Politics Thread

    Sweden's application to join NATO is officially approved after Hungary's parliament votes in favor:

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  • 1095: "A Genius's Brain! Six Vegapunks"

    In my experience six brains or more in the same room make people dumber, not smarter and more efficient.

    Title: "A Genius's Brain! Six Vegapunks"
    Chapters Covered: 1065
    Episode Director: Hyun Ieri (new)
    Animation Director: Toshio Deguchi + Grand Guerrilla (new)
    Watch It:

    I have no idea who (or what) Grand Guerrilla is. Either a pen name or a bad, literal translation of a Chinese name.

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