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  • RE: Chapter 1061: Future Island Egghead

    I just would love to see Vegapunk, whichever or however many or whatever, completely outmatch most of the strawhats in a quick encounter off brains and gear.

    Have a little barrier or electric shock ready for Robin when she tries to restrain them (or a drug injection to see if it spreads from her clone arms to normal); Know a secret about Judge's research and their own old blueprints to KO Sanji and Franky; Some with Nami's Weatheria and slap Zeus away; Counter Ussop's plants with fun trivia on them and their weaknesses; Target a keystone bone of Brook's and restrain him before his soul fixes it; Zoro's the only one I'm drawing a blank.

    Then have the Sunny crew brought into the labs to restrain them in for some research and experiments.

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  • RE: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 10 - Egghead)

    Who needs to speculate on the various female character anymore when we've got a perfectly good Caribou around to get all my support?

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  • RE: Chapter 1061: Future Island Egghead

    I'd personally love it if this turns into a canon G8-arc with Vegapunk playing the role of an even more effective vice admiral Jonathan.

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  • RE: Chapter 1061: Future Island Egghead

    I'm hoping for any multiple body shenanigans possible besides the simple "it's just his daughter" option. That one'd be so simple, I'd actually find it a little boring.

    I'd guess Smoker's probably with the Real/Main/Original/Father/whatever it ends up being Vegapunk. It'd be the most logical explanation to leave him out of this chapter.

    I'd also wager a guess that Drake getting a name drop with the sword group probably means he's either gonna make it into this arc towards the end. Probably his arrival will be the trigger to get this group of marines to gear up and prepare to help Coby. At first I thought he might be going off on his own or staying in Wano for a future cover story, but this seems like my main guess now; He's just running late.

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  • RE: Chapter 1060: Luffy's Dream

    Enjoyable chapter. I love that we finally got confirmation Caribou got his ride. The goof deserved it and happy to cross one more person off the list to wonder where they went after Wano. The crew discussion about Vivi was just the right type of feel I've missed. Luffy's dream moment felt a little forced but eh, it'll be a cute anime moment I'm sure. As far as which poneglyph is the most lost; I do like to believe some renegade minks that left home at some point would've either let out rumors either to their new loyalties or just accidentally on a bad drinking night. Meanwhile there's absolutely nothing to go off on the missing Fishman island poneglyph, since not even the Neptune or Jinbei had any knowledge about who could've snatched it.

    I've seen some people have issue with why the government/Im would keep such a powerful weapon secret or what the downsides to this must be. Personally, I'm already good with what we see here and basic assumptions. Using such a powerful weapon publicly and regularly would drastically change the world order into something completely different and filled with fear and stagnation. Obviously if Im wasn't using it regularly, that means that type of world isn't what they want. They want the world as it already has been, thus this weapon is absolutely reserved for only the most drastic situations (to hide their own identity in this case) and in ways that can still keep it a secret (so the world can actually function outside of being terrified of this threat). But that's just my personal rationalization, will have to wait and see if Oda elaborates.

    I don't think the writing of the situation works if one reads it as Lulusia was the target and Sabo was just coincidence. Narratively it needs to be that Sabo was the target and this attack can really be mobilized this fast. It helps give Im some cred a lot better than Blackbeard got for basically failing to raid Hancock.

    I look forward to Bonney age changing shenanigans and I desperately hope Luffy and Chopper aren't about to be separated with Bonney for awhile.

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  • RE: Non-Disney animation thread

    @Nobodyman Season 2 sees a bit of an art style improvement while season 3 hits some vocal change improvements. Personally scrolling through a list of episodes to remember what was when, I find a good deal of season 1 to be pretty hard to stomach memories of. It was pretty bad. The series definitely finds it's footing sometime after that, but not sure how far into season 2 I'd say that happens.

    Not saying it gets amazing, but it at least gets a bit more polished and tolerable to the point I respect it's existence.

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