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  • RE: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

    You guys are always so shy about making a new thread.

    I finished the Rebirth demo and thought it was wonderful. I weirdly didn't finish Remake and stopped right before Shinra HQ, guess I felt satisfied? Or I got mad about the chocobo sidequest? I moved it over to PS5 now so I'm going to finish it up and play the Yuffie DLC before the end of the month. Maybe get a quick replay in to see the PS5 enhancements.

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  • RE: Palworld

    I think I audibly gasped when I saw this, LOL

    alt text

    Details here:

    Here's a couple things I came across to brighten the mood around the discourse:

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  • RE: Palworld

    @zeltrax225 said in Palworld:

    I don't even know where to start at the sheer idiocy of this.
    I'm getting way too old for this and the creeping thought if this is where we are all headed bugs me so I'll try not to think about it anymore and enjoy the little things in life.

    I have similar thoughts, and it's wild to see so many people come out to argue like:

    • "it's moral to steal from a bad company"
    • "it's not plagiarism because it's not 1:1"
    • "pokemon didn't create the concept of [animal]"
    • "there's 1000 pokemon, you're bound to overlap"
    • "nintendo/pokemon fanboy bootlicker lmao"

    A lot of the same parroting in different spaces. Did they skip school where they teach you that can't just change some words of an essay and call it yours 😅

    This recent video covers this kind of topic too.

    I wondered if some of it was also boiling down to whether someone needed to have any artistic bone in their body to understand that you can't stumble into a lot of the same design choices and pretend there wasn't tracing involved.

    Do you guys remember when this was a thing?

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    As a side, one thing I haven't seen in the discussion about the Primarina/Azurobe hair coincidentally having the exact same wisps and bumps is that I think it also coincidentally takes from a shiny Suicune:

    alt text

    alt text
    (ribbons and dark blue light body palette)

    alt text

    alt text
    (tail bead)

    alt text
    (head and nose shape)

    alt text

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  • RE: Palworld

    @access-timeco said in Palworld:

    An interesting thread regarding what is the problem with Palworld (and addressing people saying Pokémon plagiarized Dragon Quest because they had monsters based on similar concepts):

    There is also an interview linked where the producers stated they designed their own models, but by now there are many model comparisons around the internet showing multiple Pal models fit Pokémon models down to every polygon, which is basically impossible to happen by chance.

    I read it was a newly graduate character designer who churned out their 100 critters. The team apparently didn't know what a "rig" was. Recently even denied inspiration from Pokemon?* It kinda feels bad to see this sort of stuff get celebrated because "game is actually good" and "gamefreak sucks."

    *Oops, pardon me, it has been said elsewhere that it was not their main inspiration 🙄

    I would like to see the source interview on this one but this is floating around now too:

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  • RE: Witch Watch by Kenta Shinohara posted in Other Manga/Anime
  • RE: Palworld

    An Ark-like survival game with some UI similar to BOTW and some elements from PLA with designs evoking a Pokemon feel. TPC is quivering in their boots.

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  • RE: Spy X Family

    @ARTEMlS said in Spy X Family:

    So, without going into too much detail, please just a short yes or no.

    I'll answer one like this:

    So are we really still into Operation Strix with Anya trying to get all the Stella or properly befriend Damien?

    There are the mini stories that feel like filler but overall I don't feel as though the reset button gets pressed often like Gintama does (to those unfamiliar, there's mini arcs that even the anime can shuffle around easily until the point of no return). It may feel like it but there's some progression in minor steps while having the usual world and character building.

    Some examples:

    So I think other than the usual wholesome moments, it feels like some pieces are falling together as a setup for something big to come.

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  • RE: How was your Day 2 (general chat)

    You telling me it’s going to be my 20th next year :lawbread:

    Seeing familiar faces like yours makes me feel good!

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  • RE: How much time do you think is left before One Piece ends?

    @electricmastro said in How much time do you think is left before One Piece ends?:

    Is that implying that you don’t want would-be adventurers to sail with Luffy and that you’d maximize your own arguments by claiming the series will run shorter because of impossibilities? lol

    Uh, I'm implying that I'm trusting what I perceived as facts given to me in the story which was reinforced by what Oda said outside of the story, and it seemed odd to me how much you were pushing back on that by calling it "impossibilities" when the things you're responding with are "I don't think Luffy wants to limit his crew" and "the characters could change their minds lol" and "what Oda said might not apply to the works lol"

    If it turns out exactly the way you thought it would, that's cool, you ended up being right. The main point I'm trying to make is that at this time it's reasonable to believe what's been said and believe that there won't be 2+ more mates and that many more arcs on top of the remaining plot points.

    The total crew number is a reasonable variable that helps answer the thread's topic. This isn't about me and who I want in the crew.

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