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  • RE: Lupin the 3rd

    Lupin coming to a McDonalds near you... maybe.

    alt text

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  • RE: Will Luffy get a 10th Senior Officer?

    For some reason it felt like the team was finalized based on chapter 1060's color spread where a reader requested "Redraw the coloring corner page from volume 8 but with all 10 crewmates!"

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  • RE: It'd be nice to have a theory section.

    Although I didn't think about it before, a lot of these theory threads seem to appear in the Manga section naturally because of how the subforum represents the most up-to-date situation of the series. I can see why a specific theory subforum would be clear in its purpose, but you'd also have to think about whether you'd want to set ground rules to protect people like anime-only fans, or create a new subforum for this in each section. I think that's why in the end, the Manga and Anime subforums can already fulfill this purpose without worrying about things like that.

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  • RE: Greg: Teacher of SUPER " OP " course !

    @Greg said in Greg: Teacher of SUPER " OP " course !:

    See the design of Franky and Robin post-skip. Both of them are almost surgically-design to preserve the identities of pre-skip Robin and Franky so non-readers won't know they're part of the crew.

    😂 Confirmed to work. I jump-started a friend a while back with Episode of East Blue, and then randomly watched the scene where Sanji was screaming for Robin in Wano. He's aware of a "Robin" and even saw her for a few mins in Strong World where it was still pre-skip. We're currently at the part where Ace meets the crew in Alabasta and he seemingly hasn't reacted to or recognized Miss All Sunday at all yet...

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  • RE: What are you Playing?

    Finally got around to playing It Takes Two, and while I had already seen various bits of gameplay and was confident it'd be fun, I was pretty surprised by just how much content there actually was. Fairly long game, tons of set pieces and creativity, and some actual challenge too.

    One thing I noticed as a huge nerd though: the chess minigame you can play is programmed wrong and allows you to castle out of check.

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  • RE: Hello!

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here.

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  • RE: Howdy do folks!

    Welcome! Thanks for joining!

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  • RE: Welcome Back! (2022 Edition)

    @Ivotas said in Welcome Back! (2022 Edition):

    Question about this new forum. How would we actually bring thread title requests/suggestions before the mods? Before we could use the report button but that one seems to be gone. And I don't want to press a "flag" button without really knowing what it does.

    Even on the old forum, flagging or reporting a post was reserved for actual problems requiring moderator attention. That is of course still true. Definitely flag it if the title is offensive or something like that, but otherwise it's not an appropriate use of that feature.

    Generally speaking, thread titles should not be changing, unless there was a mistake when the thread was originally created or some other compelling reason to update it for clarity etc. In such a case the mods can be contacted directly if needed, and it can also be discussed within the thread if appropriate. I know that long ago it was relatively common to constantly update titles with jokes or whatnot but that practice is mostly gone for a few different reasons so please don't contact the staff for suggestions of that sort.

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  • RE: Chapter 1058: New Emperors

    @Ivotas said in Chapter 1058: New Emperors:

    And before anyone complains, when I say bitchy I'm not talking about her being a bitch in the sexual kind if sense. But rather in the throwing a tantrum sense by demanding their five minutes of attention while totally ruining everyone's fun that moment. It's really sad as it puts a stain on an otherwise great character.

    @Ivotas said in Chapter 1058: New Emperors:

    And about my "office bitch" argument. Of course didn't mean that she is looking for attention. I was merely bringing up the most popular example of the other meaning of the word 'bitch' because people always go the bitch = whore interpretation when they read the word. I guess the term 'office bitch' was not enough of a dead give away that it is not to be taken as a 1 to 1 application of the concept. Will make sure to insult everyone's intelligence next time and breastfeed it to people then.

    I don't understand the reason for this kind of attitude. I read every post after these, WHO on earth here misinterpreted bitch = whore/sexual? You went out of your way to put out a disclaimer and you went out of your way to defend yourself from... nothing? I don't wish to derail the thread any further than this, but you really don't need to act this way out of nowhere.

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  • RE: What's next for OP movies?

    The next movie will be One Piece Film BLUE, obviously. The lead will be Vivi!

    Nah, I'm honestly surprised Oda continued being involved after Strong World and started a trend because that's a lot of overhead work for him on top of the serialization. I've been surprised by every movie idea I wouldn't even know what to predict next.

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