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Thread: The PlayStation Thread

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    If there was any doubt the remake of Shadow of the Colossus wouldn't be good.

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    There was no doubt it would look nice. There is doubt of if the actual game is any fun, or if exploring the map is any fun. Do they fix the gameplay of a couple of Collosus that, while cool, are near impossible to actually get on? Do you still have to hunt for stupid random lizards in order to build your grip strength to get the endgame secrets?

    The scope of the game was always the impressive thing about it. The overall experience and cinema of it was always fine. The gameplay itself.... wasn't necessarily.

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    Original Stories:
    Four Swords
    Hybrid Reboot.

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    I'm so planning to get the Spyro trilogy remastered. The Spyro games were some of my favorite games on the PS1 and I can't wait for the HD remastered of Ripto's Rage. Since that's my favorite game of the original 3 Spyro games.

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    Didn't they butcher Spyro in the PS3 release?

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    Don't know what specific Butcher you're talking about, but the team behind the recent Crash Bandicoot remaster is doing his, and they didn't butcher anything.

    I'm excited. I'd always loved Spyro more than Crash. Well, 3 most of all- from what I recall. It had a very interesting group of playable characters.

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