Hello fanartists and fanart enthusiasts:

It has been brought to my attention many times recently that people are taking other people's fanart and posting them on other forums without any permission or credit.

While we all realize that this is not like original art, there is a degree of ownership over an artist's created work. But more than that, it's just rude to take, alter, or certainly take credit for someone else's work.

I also realize that sometimes you just don't know who the original artist is. That usually happens because it's been passed around so much that the original artist has been lost in the shuffle. That's often frustrating for me when I find fanart I like. I want to know who did it.

So this is my plea to people here: If you wish to use the fanart you see here to post on any other site or forum, please, please either ask the artist first, or just credit the artist and link back to their own website if they have one. We will appreciate it very much. This also goes for posting fanart you find elsewhere on this site.