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Thread: Spoiler Translatation: 424 - kudou

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    Default Spoiler Translatation: 424 - kudou

    Don't use this for scanlations.

    Ch.424 "Escape Ship"
    Konis, Lucky, and Aisa from Skypiea Island

    Marine: Aggghhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Franky: Sorry there Mr.Marine! We're planning to use this ship for our escape!! I've finished cleaning out the escort ship and is now ready to be used as an escape ship!!
    Robin: Yes
    Franky: All that's left to do is to wait for the strawhats!
    Robin: ?
    Kokoro: Don't die~~~.....on me~~~~!!
    (Kokoro + everyone else jumps out of the surface of the water)
    Franky: AhhhhhhH!!

    Scene changes to Paulie, Oimo, Kaashi's group.
    Zanpai: We're going to get off the island! We can escape this!
    Oimo, Kaashi: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
    Breaks through a wall and reaches the sea but in front of them are battleships...

    Oimo, Kaashi: !!!? Wh....Impossible...Battleships....and three of them!! They've went ahead of us!!
    Marine: Vice Admiral! <--I may have gotten the ranking wrong. Forgive me. I don't remember these things.
    Vice Admiral that looks like Bluno: hmmmm....target ready!

    [Fighting back is pointless, you pirates!! If you move we'll shoot you down!!]
    ^ Battleship talking, i'm guessing
    Kiwi, Moz: A waterfall behind us and.....a burning island....! We have no place to run.
    [We've finished rescuing the marines and others, lets get some distance away from the front gate.]
    Paulie: !!? What are they planning to do?

    Scene changes...
    Franky: Hey hey, wake up!! Hey!!
    Everyone: Ugghhhhhh (spits out water)
    Everyone's showing white eyes. Probably collapsed.
    Franky: This gotta be a miracle...they must have a bad....no, a terrible shock.
    Because they're in such an asphyxial state, they haven't drank in that much water.
    Kokoro: Ngagaga. I wonder what caused them such a shock to go into an asphyxial state?
    Franky: YOU!!!
    Kokoro looks at Robin
    Kokoro: Is it you? The one who the Pirate King kid came to rescue....I remember you from our meeting in Shift Station. I didn't even begin to imagine at that time that.......
    DON!! Kokoro's body is revealed!

    Kokoro: you guys would be capable to do all of this
    Franky: Wear some clothes!! you old hag!!
    Kokoro: not a one bit! I laughed when he said he was becoming a Pirate King....perhaps he can eh? Ngagagagaga
    Robin: ha ha

    Zoro and the crew starts to come around
    Soge: Gah, agh
    Zoro: ha......
    Sanji: gasp....is....is nami-san ok?
    Franky: Man, are you guys tough....
    Kokoro: Glad you're alive
    Soge: Aghhhhhh. It's true!! There really is a mermaid!!!
    Zoro: The story of where mermaids are really dugong's was true!
    Sanji: You idiots! She still hasn't said that if she's a mermaid or not!! Don't give up our dreams that easily!!
    Kokoro: I'm a Salangidae Mermaid.
    Soge: But I've never heard of a mermaid with legs!
    Sanji: I refuse to believe this! Mermaids are more.....Mermaids are more, you know......
    Sanji starts wailing

    Kokoro: When mermaids are about 30 their fins starts to split in two. They obtain a body that can live on land. A mysterious race. You'll see what I'm talking about when you get to the mermen island.
    Soge: I see! A cat that's a 100 years old is said to split their tails into two and transforms into a monster!!
    Sanji: Ahh....a monster cat.
    Kokoro: Don't put me in the same category as that!! Why don't you try thanking me huh?

    Sanji: !
    Stares at Robin
    Chopper: Gack! Huh? Where am I?
    Sanji: R~~~~~~~~~~ooobbin--ch~~~~~~~~~~~an!!!
    Nami: Robin!!!
    Chopper: Rob~~~~~~~~~~in!!!
    Nami and Chopper hugs Robin. Sanji slams into a wall.
    Nami: I'm glad we've made it, Robin! I'm glad you're safe!
    Chopper: Bobi~~~~~n!!!
    Robin: Yes.....Thanks to you......Thank you...
    Chimney: Wow grandma!! You're a mermaid?? I thought you were weird with the fins and the scales.....
    Franky: Notice sooner!!! Grandchild!!!
    Chopper: Hm? My....my body doesn't move!
    Zoro: ...no doubt. When's everything finished I'll explain everything. Hey, look over there....
    Zoro: I can't believe we were just on that island.
    Island's being bombarded

    Zoro: There's still dust flying from the stairs by the first pillar of this bridge. Must be fighting that Rob Lucci guy right now!
    Soge: Hey, they're close. If we lend a hand....
    Zoro: Don't do it, pidgeon guy isn't an ordinary guy. If we get involved and get separated again what would you do? No, we're going to stay right here and keep our escape route open until Luffy arrives. Even when that fleet of battlions gets over here. That's what we've got to do. The storm will begin real soon!
    Soge: .........! I got it!
    Sanji: Franky.....your crew.....
    Franky: Idiot! Those guys cursed luck is strong! Don't worry. They'll get out of here safely!

    [Attack preparation]
    Zanpai: Hey! Paulie get back!! What are you doing picking up a Dendenmushi?
    Paulie: To find out the situation of the strawhats!!
    Canon flies over
    Oimo, Kaashi: Damn! They're attacking!
    Zanpai: Big brother!!!!!
    Attacks directly. Everyone gets blown away

    Luffy VS Lucci
    Luffy: ha ha ha.....
    Lucci smirks
    Luffy pumps his legs.
    Luffy: This is it!!! I won't cancel this power out until I defeat you.
    Lucci: Planning to die by exhausting all of your strength?
    Luffy: I don't know what will happen in the future....
    Luffy: Gear Second!!

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    Default Re: Spoiler Translatation - Ch 424

    Thanks for the trans.

    And everybody should be happy, for Kokoro wears pants!

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    Default Re: Spoiler Translatation - Ch 424

    Thanks for the translation Kudou! This one makes a bit more sense than the other spoiler translation. I hope you continue doing trans in the future!

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    Default Re: Spoiler Translatation - Ch 424

    lol..i was shivering while i was reading it! thanks for the translation!

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    Default Re: Spoiler Translatation - Ch 424

    Thanks heaps for the translation Kudou! I'm worried about Paulie now ><"" Can't wait till next week!

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    Default Re: Spoiler Translatation - Ch 424

    Wow, looks like an awesome chapter. ^_^

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    Default Re: Spoiler Translatation: 424 - kudou

    Thank you very much!

    GOGO Gear 2nd

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