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Thread: Hiya everyone

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    Default Hiya everyone

    Hiya im Sakura i joined because i like one piece .my favorite one piece character is Tony Tony Chopper because he's so KAWAII and he's transformations are cool.So hiya everyone !:biggrin:

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    ah, a fellow...UKer! Well, Welcome to Arlong Park! You'll never leave...alive! I'm Robin's husband and also the resident Demon Butcher, now would you like some....'Special Stuff'? *hands you meat package* there ya go, now enjoy ^_^

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Welcome, have fun. ^_^

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Welcome to Arlong Park. ^__^ You sha'll know me as Crocodile wife/ fangirl. Have fun.

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Welcome. Have some soda. *hands you soda and runs away*

    *can opens* BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Welcome Sakura, to Arlong Park.
    Yes Chopper is cool.
    Post a lot and have fun or else.

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Welcome Sakura. I hope your stay here is a pleasant one...who am I kidding!!! Get out of here while you still have your sanity.:ohmy:

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Hey Sakura, welocme. Hope you'll enjoy yourself here. (THERE! A NORMAL GREETING!) BOO-YAH!!
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    naruto fan?

    anyways, welcome =)

    * For General (Non-Background) OP music, check this post.
    * For BGMs (Background) OP music, check Audity's post.

    [COLOR=Sienna]If whatever you're looking for isnt there, THEN ask in the Music thread.

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Welcome and have fun.
    Normally I would steal your soul, but right now I am full, so maybe a nother time.

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Welcome aboard Sakura and have fun. You have excellent taste when comes to favourite character ^.~

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Kawaii avatar!

    Welcome aboard, newcomer. Enjoy AP and have a blast! Here, have some a broken light bright.

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    Default Re: Hiya everyone

    Welcome :) post lots.

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