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Thread: Post how your day was

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    Default Post how your day was

    Simple. In this topic we can tell others how our day went.

    My day: Crappy

    I had math, my calculator died, my group left me (because they thought I wasn't doing anything, even though I just left to GO TO THE BATHROOM @_@) and then I get 50/100 on the test and 20 of those points were taken away from for the STUPIDEST smallest reasons. I knew how to do them but I forgot to add a +- before the numbers. Then the teacher acts like I'm going to fail. I get pissed, seriously punch the wall hard, so hard that I cut open my finger. Then I get online to another board I USED to like going to, and found out I've been blocked from nearly ALL the topics....

    And I can't go home yet to freaking DO the math...since I need a calculator and I don't have one.

    Shitty day...a bad day for math....

    You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve.

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    My day was super thus far.

    I separated with $340 for a pair of gold Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti earrings as a birthday present for my honey but boy did it feel great. I have barely enough cash to get around my student loans at this junction but doing something to make other people happy, especially the ones you love, is just a great feeling.

    Now I'm gonna go work-out then have a jog and write a Bleach article for the magazine I write for. A fulfilling and happy sunny day!

    Plus I can't deny it was pleasant to wake up and see a Spoiler Thread indicating the fun sure to come our way tomorrow!

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    This is a great idea for a thread.

    My day was quite fun. Almost all of the eighth grade was at Islands of Adventure, so for the most part we just screwed around. Watched movies, helped my teachers pack for their moving (because of renovations). My friend and I played a game of One Piece phrases only scrabble. :P It was pretty fun. My afternoon was prettyy normal; video games, working out a bit, listening to the pillows, and wondering what noise giraffes make. Though I did go out to eat (to this exquisite Italian restaurant with the best angel hair I've ever had).
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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    My day is so-so. I have a lot of homework to do, so Im under some pressure.

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    My classes got cancelled so I drank 40s and played Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Last Blade 2 all day.
    Quite nice.

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    I applied for a bunch of jobs, and it looks like I might finally be getting a job.

    Plus I got to talk on the phone with my girlfriend for about six hours or so...

    So, all in all, a good day.

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. All Sunday
    My day was quite fun. Almost all of the eighth grade was at Islands of Adventure.

    So lucky my eighth feild trip is the same place but were doing it on a no school day.

    So my dad yesterday was alright i woke up and showered. Had a blast at school. I had gotten to just lay back and barly do any work in any of my classes and my teachers dont care. I came home and took a nap.
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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    so far, super.

    had no school today, hence, i slept like for a good amount of time.
    miyavi made me love him even more than i already did.
    went to the town-center to run some arrends, and when i return, the new chapter is available. which always makes good things even better, and bad things seem not so bad.
    the weather has been nice and my mood is good and mellow.
    shitloads of stuff to do, but i decided not to care.

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    Well..... Since it's aobut 7:50 A.M. here I'll tell you about my day.

    I had Gym class today and we were playing some same with a tennis ball. I was goal keeping a kid I know has the ball walks up to me and heaves it at my..... Well I'll let you guys guess. But I was on the floor for about 5 minuite in a fetel position trying not to scream a racist comment at the top of my lungs. I continue the game and finished it. We won.

    I finally got some stuff graded that I missed while I was out in Arizona for about a week. Plus being sick.... and I have some advice. If you ever feel REALLY bad... Like your gonna barf Try a glass of peppermint Schnapps (sp?) that works for a little bit. We had a sub in math class. he was teaching us stuff we already know so I just stared at him with my mind miles away out to sea. (You probably know where I'm going with that.)

    I am officially a Freak of nature in my afternoon classes. It's because I can pull my hair back, and "Swirl" my lips. My friend dared me to show it to the teacher at the end of class. But I deneid. I have a sleepover planned tonight with two other people. We're going to spend all night Playing Grandbattle rush.

    Plus Spring Break starts today for me.

    Thanks E1n for the sig, and Traitor_Jim for the refine.

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    okayy~ was late for the bus, skool is just shit now(i even had thoughts about when you dont want to go to skool but you want to go to skool,just to be with your friends) a bitch in my class called me a hag so i yelled back"shut the f*ck up!" i felt so happy~ XD and now im just posting here

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    Boring, so I just slept all day in school then I got home and played some basketball.

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    I got a lot of work done, but I have so much more to go. Actually its a very good day, the weather is beautiful, and I got a test done, I think I aced it.

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    Today was awesome:

    I got to meet baseball legend biily pierece who played for the tigers and the white sox. It was so awesome. He gave a speech in my school and stuff. I even got an autograph it was awesome. Then i got home and read one piece! Yay!

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    A morning of being sick and an afternoon of women problems. A good day, suprisingly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Franky
    Bad move, bub!

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    My day was okay.

    School was boring. I wasn't in the mood for doing anything cuz the weather was terrible. And english class was sooooooooooo boring .. now im at home .. and still bored.

    long story short : BORING FRIDAY

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    only 44 minutes into saturday and K-F 182 is released, not a bad day so far...and I've got sleep to look forward to in a couple of hours!

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    Slept in till 1:30, fiddled around online, went to eat at Burger King, went to the computer lab for two hours and drew, came back and watched some South Park online, probably going to go home in a few minutes to do some laundry. An average type day. (except for the sleeping in till one. It's usually only 12 or 11:30)

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    I peeled an orange.
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    The Silver Spork

    Default Re: Post how your day was

    My day... was... alright. High point- I finally got a math test that was easy.

    Low point- I have to draw 42 illustrations for a library project by Sunday night.

    *Screams as she goes 'Kerr-squish!' under the pressure*

    BUT! I got some chocolate for drawing a kid on my bus a dragon, so it wasn't too bad.

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    Default Re: Post how your day was

    pets woke me up at 5:30am with their knawing. Finally got to sleep in a little at 8am, when I put them outside my room.

    Got up and showered/ate/dressed.

    Watched TMNT on Fox.

    Called my friend



    cleaned my room/pets cage

    burned stuff to CD's for transfer

    Visiting AP while the old PC is still on. (gotta do a LOT of installing before I use my new pc)

    amusing myself with the sliver spork's avatar. ooh, the bread does summer saults.

    Tonight, I'll tackle my new pc. I'll see you all when I get it up and running.

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