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Thread: South Park

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    Here's to hoping if they save it, they actually pay the employees well enough.

    I would not trust Trey Parker to pay restaurant employees well. I hope I'm wrong and they genuinely take initiative to make it into a good restaurant and pay employees fairly

    But Trey Parker's politics are such shit, I'd fully expect him to buy the restaurant, pay the employees at minimum wage, then mock them on South Park should they say something.

    But who knows. If he has a personal stake in it, he might actually give enough of a shit. And that'd be the only reason why.
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    Default Re: South Park

    It's apparently something he loved from his childhood. That might be enough of a reason.

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    Default Re: South Park

    So for those unaware, Matt and Trey just released a South Park movie on Paramount Plus. And apparently they're planning on doing 13 more of these things.


    Welp, guess this is the final push I needed to get Paramount Plus.

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    Post Covid is already out. Didn't knew it would be connected to the previous two specials. Now I have to watch the other two.

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