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Thread: What are you Playing?

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    Default Re: What are you Playing?

    I cannot even begin to express my adoration towards Siegward of Catarina. Every time I meet him is a gift from the gods.

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    Just started playing Ori and the Blind Forest.

    My god, this game is gorgeous. And, honestly, kinda tough.

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    Default Re: What are you Playing?

    Duke Nukem 3D just came out on the Switch for 5 bucks, so I've been playing that lately.

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    Default Re: What are you Playing?

    Not playing anything currently, since I'm stuck out here on my second deployment.

    Part of being in the service is being able to buy whatever game I want whenever I want, but never really having the time to play any of them like I should.

    I have a huge backlog of games to get through (half new games, half wanting to revisit older games before moving onto their newer sequels)

    My current list sits at 15 games. Maybe I'll have more time when I get to my shore command.

    However, the last game I completed was Plague Tale: Innocence, and it was great.

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    By the end of this fight with Diamante, she'll rediscover her resolve when she's faced with a protect them or they die situation.
    Rebecca will get her triumphant moment, don't you worry.

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