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Thread: What are you Playing?

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    Started playing Dark Souls Remastered again. I only started playing From software games two years ago and they're already some of my favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megadoomer View Post

    At some point after I beat Persona 3, I think I'll give Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne a try. (all I know about it is the "featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series" meme, but I figure having a familiar character might help to get me into the game)
    Nocturne is..a difficult entry into the SMT series. Have fun. P3 is a great shift in tone compared to 4 and 5 and it might get mundane and overly dramatic sometimes but I always felt that out of all Persona, it was the best written one.
    I'll recommend SMT 4 AND 4A if you ever have the chance, really great games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green_vs_Red View Post
    Not bad just hard and tedious.

    I had the same mindset as you after having played through Golden and Portable i.e. I got through those games just fine, now I want to see what the other games in this case Nocturne was like.

    Can’t count on both hands how many times I got kicked to the game over screen while I was playing though Nocutrne and the experience sure as hell didn’t get better with SMT4.
    Quote Originally Posted by zeltrax225 View Post
    Nocturne is..a difficult entry into the SMT series. Have fun. P3 is a great shift in tone compared to 4 and 5 and it might get mundane and overly dramatic sometimes but I always felt that out of all Persona, it was the best written one.
    I'll recommend SMT 4 AND 4A if you ever have the chance, really great games.
    Thanks for the warning/heads-up. I'll probably look into reviews first to be on the safe side rather than jumping right in. If Persona 4's any indication, I'm guessing that Persona 3's going to be about 40-50 hours at least, so it'll be a while before I decide on whether or not to play SMT Nocturne.

    I took a break from it to play through Doom Eternal and Kirby Planet Robobot so that I wouldn't be playing through two long RPGs so close together. Both games were fun, though Doom Eternal was much more difficult than Doom (2016). Kirby was just the kind of relaxing game that I needed.

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    Been playing some of the NES games on the Switch online service.

    River City Ransom - Apparently there are a lot of people out there who consider this a beloved classic, but...man I dunno. It's a neat idea combining a beat-em-up with RPG elements, but so much about this game feels so arbitrary. The enemies that appear on each screen are random. There are, like, 12 stores, each carrying a stock of different items and you have no idea how each item will affect your stats. And there's very little skill involved in the battling. You just charge the enemy and hope you damage them before they damage you. Essentially, it just becomes a grind for you to farm money and increase your stats, all the while hoping you don't die or else you'll lose half your money. I played this game for about an hour and that was it for me.

    Twinbee - It's a shooter. A cute colorful shooter, but still a shooter.

    Adventures of Lolo - A really solid puzzle game. All the rules are consistent and fair, and the puzzles do get genuinely challenging. My only gripe is that the movement is a bit wonky, which makes the rewind feature quite the blessing, but aside from that you don't even really need the rewind or save state feature to finish this game.

    Blaster Master - About halfway through this game now and it's pretty fun. At times it is pretty glitchy and unfair (but the save state and rewind feature make it manageable) and has the same problem the first Metroid had of having really long tedious corridors. But aside from that it's a good platformer/shooter game.

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    Sega genesis classics for the switch..to me its the same as the older versions with a few new games added in
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    ^ And (clears throat) a few not included.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    I've often wondered about that myself; seems like being supported by people who only want you there so the world can end in fire (with you going to Hell in the process) would be somewhat off-putting
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    Default Re: What are you Playing?

    Aside from replaying the original Thief trilogy (and finally getting through the Return to the Cathedral mission instead of skipping it), I've been meaning to get into Skyrim again. I had a ton of fun replaying Morrowind and Oblivion and I remember having fun in Skyrim as well, but never could play the main mission through.

    I just can't get into it. I tried to be a nightblade, stealth combined with some magic kinda deal. Big mistake after Thief. Of course I'm not surprised that the stealth mechanics are incredibly underwhelming, this isn't a stealth game. So how about magic? Suddenly I remembered that I never could get into magic in Skyrim before and that hasn't changed. Combat? That's alright, but I did that before multiple times, and I'm not feeling it right now.
    Aside from all this, I just got bored incredibly fast. I don't know how I poured 400+ hours into this game, but it seems so repetitive and samey all around. Doesn't help that the story is uninteresting and the skill system is mostly meh.

    So I downloaded a bunch of mods! Incredibly how many of them there are and a lot of them are incredibly high quality. Like, there are those that revamp the whole magic system, or even the entire perk tree for every skill. Amazing stuff, really. And even with these, my feelings are lukewarm. Maybe it's just a bad time for me to get back into this game. The biggest reason I wanted to give it another shot is so I could live out my battlemage fantasy that honestly not a lot of games could provide. That's probably because my battlemage fantasy is sort of specific and based on Sacred's battlemage character (do any of you guys remember that game?)

    In pursuit of this battlemage thing, I found myself gravitating back towards Dark Souls. I tried the first game a couple years ago and had fun with it, although I got a little tired of it after spending a considerable amount of time going one way before finding out I can't really progress there because I don't have the key that's on the opposite side of the map or something like that. Heeding the advice of my friends, I bought the third installment (which was on sale on Humble, and may still be) and asked around about how a battlemage can be managed there. I started a knight (seemed like the best option) and will pursue sorcery. I'm also interested in a cleric build, but I guess I'll leave something for the second and first games as well. Maybe go cleric for the second and sort of a thief/assassin for the first.

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    Has anybody picked up Fallout 76 Wastelanders? Should I return?

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    Default Re: What are you Playing?

    I finally finished BOTW after a 2 month Animal Crossing Hiatus. Beat the final Divine Beast and Ganon in a day. I'm going to finish up the final dungeon in Dragon Quest and then finish the last couple hours of FF12. After that I have a whole lot of option including Xenoblade 2, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Final Fantasty VII Remake, and a whole lot more. It will be a tough choice.

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    Got back to WoW after 2 months of break for CS GO. WoW for me is like smoking: can give it up for some short periods but then return to it again and again

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