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Thread: What are you Playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCC View Post
    lol right that sounds fair enough.
    Didn't mind the cosmetic trappings either way; I just had no idea what was going on in that very first battle on the airplane (?) mechanics-wise and the combat seemed offputting even compared to other hack and slashers. And maybe there was some other gem of a game in my to-do pile at the time.

    Perhaps I'll give 2 a shot :)
    You're actually describing Bayonetta 2, where the opening fight is on a jet fighter. Bayonetta 1 starts in a graveyard. You're not really supposed to know what's going on yet at that point haha. It doesn't have the same rhythm as most hack-and-slash games. Takes a good while to "feel the groove" of combat in terms of spacing, maintaining/buffering combos, perfect dodges/Witch Time, switching weapons, etc.

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    Ohhh wait a sec. Maybe I got past the graveyard? There was definitely a plane right after that though. But like a B-29 bomber, not a fighter jet.
    But yeah the issue was definitely all those things you listed, and that I didn't volunteer the necessary attention span to learn them haha. Rhythm was weird.

    ...Christ it's $60 on Switch though. That's rough.

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    Ah, that makes sense. Either way it's not for everyone, that's for sure. I'm disappointed but not surprised that they're charging full price on Switch. Even though it comes with both games.

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