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Thread: What are you Playing?

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    Grand Battle Rush, baby.

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    Wasabi_Defender Overlord_Shadow_Luffy's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    the place where u wont find me


    for ps2: Tekken 5, Kingdom hearts, one piece grand battle 3, one piece around the land and...alot more! of yeah fifa 2003,2004 and 2005 and grand teft auto san andres

    for computer: Warcraft 3 frozen throne and gunbound

    for playstation: Final fantasy chrono trigger(old but i like it!), final fantasy 9 and soon final fantasy 7! i use to play final fantasy 8 but it was crappy...for me

    so far i like final fantasy chrono trigger and Warcraft 3 frozen throne the best!
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    SIR LEADER Forte EXE's Avatar
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    For PS2:Musashi:Samurai Legend,OPGBR(One Piece Grand Battle Rush),and NFSU2.


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    Division Commander Daz's Avatar
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    Feb 2005


    Wow...And I'm incapable of playing more than one game at a time pr. console...

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    World of Warcarft

    (inside info)

    3 charaters on Sargeras. Nico robin, Misokiller, and Onibakushin. PM me if you wanna be in my guild.

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    Warcraft III TFT & Diablo II LoD

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    Santoryu Master Roronoa Zolo's Avatar
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    I know this, I know this one!!!!!


    I just beat Final Fantasy so I'm currently trying to beat Final Fantasy Two (those games are frikin hard).

    (Thanks Jeece)

    Everyone loves Magical Trevor

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    Still playing Snatcher.

    Finally got KoF 2k2/2k3.

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    I'm always playing Samurai Shodown 0 Special these days when I have the time. Other than that, nothing really - been too ridiculously busy - but I picked up Plok for some unknown reason. I'm still trying to figure out what my inspiration for that one was. :lol:

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    Recently picked up Ys: Ark of Naphistim, and have been playing it; close to the end now. It feels short, but it's still is one of the hardest games I've played in a long time... there hasn't been a single boss I haven't died against.
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    I just beat Resident evil 4 so I'm currently trying to learn more moves in op grand battle: combat rush!

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    Ya Can't Ignore My Techno! Shinagamithe3rd's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Hardy, KY


    Samuari Legend Musashi, DBZ: Saga's, and Tony Hawk's Underground 2
    "I Need Mo' Allowence!"

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    I've been playing heaps of Star Wars: Battlefront and Pro Evo 4 over Xbox live. I recently convinced a friend to buy a starter kit & a year subscription, and now he's hooked.

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    nyaa~ normyk's Avatar
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    A quiet place... With the rabbit.


    Was playing God of War but can't sit still long enough to play any more (and only about 3 hours til I have it beat). Restless and can't stand to sit and play for more than 15 minutes or so. Haven't touched World of Warcraft in two weeks either and I really need to pick it back up.

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    Console: Musashi Samurai Legend, One Piece Grand Battle Rush, Xenosaga Episode II, Star Fox Assault.

    PC: Ragnarok Online(I've been playing alot of that lately) & Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich(awsome game as was the first one)

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    i'm playing star ocean: till the end of time. but maybe i'll have a break and play msg3 instead!

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    Wow, the Halo 2 autoupdate is rockin, bout time too. The SMG + Plasma Rifle combo is slightly weaker, which sucks because I use it a lot, while the melee attacks do more damage, the way it should be. Also thank god Bungie finally fixed the double teleporting issue on Beaver Creek, ack! it was so annoying.

    Plus Foundation rocks for multi flag CTF!

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    For PC:
    I'am trying out Planscape Torment and Temple of Elemental Evil now, since i've heard nothing but good things about it.

    Already tried both Warcarft and the Frozen Throne expansion set and these rock, one of the best strategy-rpg playing games out there. Diablo II is good as well.

    I've also been trying out a shareware called Laxius Power, has anyone played this before?.

    For Console:
    For Console i just finised Breath Of Fire, I might try out Star Ocean.

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    Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Man my hands are acheing, but still really good game (though I beat it yesterday so its really a tad short).

    mmm... yolko love (eggyxeggy). warning: don't cook them.

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    Got Booty? agentginrei's Avatar
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    Doylestown, PA


    Harvest Moon and Bloodrayne. I laughed at myself for buying Harvest Moon... Here I go spending 20 bucks to play a game where I do the things I hated doing as a kid. Watering the food garden...feeding chickens... ??? I wish it had been as much fun then as it is in the game... lol

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