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Thread: Chapter 1,026: The Pivotal Clash

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,026: The Pivotal Clash

    After watching Oda swepting the Mink out of scene, I'm not holding my breath for anything grandiouse for the Ninja or Samurai concept. I feel like the Samurai peaked with Hyogoro's flame attack and the Ninja might get something else from Raizo but it shall be minor and Narutesque.

    I still have some hope that Hawkins, Killer and Apoo will get to flex a bit and show off but that's all I'm daring to gamble rn

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,026: The Pivotal Clash

    Considering Hawkins and Apoo are ongoing characters and will be relevant to future arcs of One Piece, I don't see them getting conventional battles and "defeats". At the very least they won't be treated as just Beast Pirate "affiliates" to only defeat. We haven't seen Apoo and Drake since chapter 1007. Apoo hasn't been shown since before Chopper cured everyone from the Ice Oni virus so it is going to be interesting to see how he rationalises his situation against the promise Queen made about killing him if he lost the Ice Oni antibodies. Apoo actually has no genuine reason to stick with the Beast Pirates beyond the fear of opposing a Yonko crew. Jack has already been defeated and once King and Queen are taken down or least look to be taken down, Apoo will realise where his best chance of survival is and it won't be fighting for the Beast Pirates.

    Same thing with Hawkins, fate will guide him toward a path separate from the Beast Pirates. If he were to read Luffy's fate now that Luffy isn't surrounded by two Kitetsu blades, what would the probabilities reflect? I suspect the cursed swords Luffy and Zoro were carrying when Hawkins's determined the probabilities of their fates affected it.

    Both Apoo and Hawkins are only concerned with survival. They have no loyalty whatsoever to Kaido or to the Beast Pirates. They will lose but their defeats won't follow how usual arc antagonist defeats are handled. More so than a battle, we will get further clarity on the person Hawkins was reading into with his cards who had a one percent chance of surviving the day - was he talking about Drake? Also I wouldn't be surprised if after Apoo seen Chopper release his Ice Oni antidote, he opted to focus on survival and escaping instead of fighting. Apoo and Hawkins are already traitors, so it wouldn't be out of character for them to turn their backs on the Beast Pirates after they come to terms with reality and what awaits the Beast Pirates now that Luffy is fighting Kaido as an equal.


    The underlying theme behind the deconstruction of the Beast Pirates is the realignment of their forces allegiance. Apoo and Hawkins have been set-up to not be characters that fall alongside the Beast Pirates.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,026: The Pivotal Clash

    Apoo turning coat again I could see. Not sure if Drake is going to stand with it, but at the end of the day he is still a Marine and has himself been a double agent all along. So instead of finishing the job with vengeful murderous intent he could focus on different matters and turn a blind eye on him retreating wherever.

    Hawkins, on the other hand - albeit very likely to act the pragmatic and revise his opinion according to whatever probability his cards show - blackmailed Killer with his captain's life on top of betraying their alliance. I don't think these two are the forgiving kind...

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