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Thread: Chapter 1,024: So-and-So

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    The topic seems to spring fairly organic from the chapter itself. That the samurai deify Oden despite Oden being kind of a dick and really doing more bad than good for them during his lifetime is interesting. Now of course i am just a salty hater, but others had valid points about why this in-universe Oden worship feels off.

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    I guess the people are just disappointed that a former Roger pirate is such a tragic character.

    "There will be an answer, let it be."

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    Rebecca who spent more panels crying than speaking being a few places away from contesting Oden's position who had an entire arc to him is fucking hilarious.
    If in universe characters worship Corazon or anyone else from East Blue flashbacks, THAT I would stand behind.
    Seeing the scabbards constant worship of Oden does more to annoy me and remind me of the flaws of the character than it does to remind me of his supposedly greatness.
    Guy was selfish and irresponsible and his final act was a failed redemption, that's basically it. You would think the tragedy sell but the problem is that he's supposed to be this greater than life character, he's no Bellemere who was weaker than the fishman and forced into her situation because she was powerless all things considered. Oden had the power, the resources but none of the wisdom that made all the previous flashback characters great. All of them that came before were tragedies because they were literally stripped of all control of their situation and was powerless but tried their best. This guy, however, had all the chances, and a fighting chance but somehow managed to fuck it up repeatedly causing collateral damage to everyone else.
    He also sailed half the world and came back the same person and somehow managed to achieve an unparalleled level of zero character development.

    He's not controversial, he's just shoehorned.
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