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Thread: Yo, Nakama!

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    Default Yo, Nakama!

    Sup, I'm Zephyr Satori, been reading One Piece weekly for 15 years, since 06, and I'm only 28, so I can officially say I've been reading this amazing manga for more than half my life!

    I came here because I don't use social media anymore and I felt nostalgic for the days of message boards and forums. As well as for the spoiler threads. I'd much rather socialize amongst fellow nakama than stay in the toxicity of FB or IG.

    Miscellaneous info;
    • I'm British
    • I'm the B, T and Q in LGBTQ
    • She/Her & They/Them
    • I'm a Youtuber
    • I used to make AMVs from 06-12
    • I plan to be part of the YT OP community
    • I'm a cosplayer
    • I'm a magician
    • I'm a rapper
    Glad to be part of the crew!

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    Default Re: Yo, Nakama!

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Default Re: Yo, Nakama!

    Welcome, good to see you!

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    Default Re: Yo, Nakama!

    Quote Originally Posted by ZephyrSatori View Post
    • I'm a rapper
    No kidding? Who's in your top 5? (mine are Lupe, DOOM, Nas, Jay, and... idk Cole and Ken tied for last place)

    But yeah I'm on that same feel of message boards > modern social media. Remember back in the day when we thought this shit was cancer? Nothing compared to what facebook is now.
    May Your Days Be Filled With Wild 'n' Waxy Wahoolazuma!

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    Default Re: Yo, Nakama!

    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

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