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Thread: One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Viviís Adventure

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    Default One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Viviís Adventure

    Manga Plus: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009807
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    Author Comments: https://www.viz.com/blog/posts/manga-musings-08-29-2021

    Naoshi Komi (Author of Nisekoi: False Love and Double Arts)

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    Default Re: One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Viviís Adventure

    Compared to Boichi's redraw of the Mihawk fight this was.. lacking. Really felt like it was a bit off and some characters like Bon or Chopper just dont work for me in this style.
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    Default Re: One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Viviís Adventure

    I think it just didn't feel enough like it's own product. Boichi went all out redoing the paneling and camera angles in his own distinctive style, hitting the core beats of the fight, but making his own way there.

    Here, even though you can see things have been rearranged if you put the two chapters side by side, it isn't enough to feel different from the original. It doesn't help that Komi's style is a lot more normal anime than either Oda or Boichi. Like, he's a damn good artist, there's no doubting that, but I think I'd struggle to pick his work out of a lineup of generic anime looks. The chapter looks great, of course, but it didn't give me a substantially different impression to how I remembered that part of story going the same way the Boichi one did.

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    Default Re: One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Viviís Adventure

    Mighta been more interesting if they were given something totally different like a straight up action chapter to contrast with the pretty art style.
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    Default Re: One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Viviís Adventure

    All of these redrawn chapters are fascinating… because they preserve the sound effects.

    I’d say that sound effects might be the most underdiscussed aspect of the series in the West. Had no clue that Vivi’s request was a ドン!! moment. She’ll return to the 一味.

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    Default Re: One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Viviís Adventure

    Man, it was a lot of time since the last time I read Arabasta's ending and that friendship sign still hit my feelings jackpot. Now I want Vivi back in the crew again.
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    Default Re: One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Viviís Adventure

    Good bonus chap. Impressive how it was stretched for over 50 pages and yet still felt like the original chapter and episode (that I happened to recently watch).

    Looking forward to Vivi's return.
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