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Thread: Dandadan

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    Team work makes the dream work part 2

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    this series is so good its probably going to blow up next year if a good studio adapts it
    even if not I'm preordering the first english volume when it eventually releases in the future

    the paneling, the amount of action scenes drawn with confidence and the cool as hell designs really make this a top tier series.
    That and even with depth in its writing, it never takes itself too seriously and has so much soul put into it.
    Obviously it is not targeted for seinen readers because of the SoL and you know, they are kids. But this is the kind of high quality shounen that comes around once in a blue moon that reminds you of the quality and eccentric appeal that shounen manga had back in the day which seems to be lost slowly over the years.

    So many new series tries to shoehorn an interesting premise into their pilots but eventually tries too hard or give it a few years and it just becomes generic again. Dandadan pretty much has the most generic and typical setting that would get waved off because "we've seen this a thousand times" but the author's so good that he just knocks it out with the execution. The art is good and he is probably on an insane level in terms of speed-lining his names but thats not all he has, his panels and character writing oozes so much style even if we've seen variations of such personalities before.

    Long passage just to pretty much say this series is a winner and a likely dark horse that has yet to shown what it can do.
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    So... earth is Hellstar Remina except with yokai? :D
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    When you avoid paying treefiddy to the Loch Ness monster but end up naked in school

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    Much rejoicing !

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    Not gonna lie, when I read the first chapter I had low expectations and thought it'd be just another dark, edgy pervy manga being little better than passing entertainment.

    I apologise profusely.

    This is the best thing I've read all year. It's like riding a roller coaster except it's a comic.
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    The cow rapture is pure gold, and so is the grandmother's blackmail.
    I'm with Zar, this series has earned its spot on the metaphorical top shelf.

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    Jiji is on the way for the ball

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    The shrimp alien would have been a better addition to the cast than Jiji. I hope he gets less annoying over time.
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    Aww, how cute. I love that panel when Momo is flying by the bus. Such a great sense of space and speed.

    The new sidekick gives me poochie vibes. Can't say I outright dislike him yet, but I hope the author makes something fun out of him being annoying, so he's more than just... plain annoying. Like if Okarun kicks his face in, that'd be something.
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    Haha, I got my wish. While it was granny cat instead of Okarin, Jiji got his face kicked in!

    Isn't the anatomical model that moves at night a common urban myth in a lot of manga? I recall hearing about it before. If that's the case, then this little love story becomes even funnier.
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    Why Jiji can't be more unlikable

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    "Why can't he be more unlikable".

    I think getting his nuts stolen is messing with Okarun's head somehow.
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