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Thread: Well 2020, any last words?

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    Default Well 2020, any last words?

    Just give your last thoughts for the year. Good or ill. Just a bit of a catharsis.

    Most I can say, yeah it was crappy. All the plans I had went down the toilet and I have to wait a bit for events I wanted to attend, hopefully. More annoying bits of media trends I don't care for, the loss of a lot of celebs and artists I followed, and just a miracle the nation didn't tear itself apart.

    But hey some light at the end of the tunnel that'll hopefully get brighter. New prez (er on my end of the pond), some measure of combat against the CO-Vid and at the least improved my drawing skills and finally got into Clip Studio Paint.

    Not how I envisioned coming into the new decade but honestly, did anyone? I'd say 2020 a mulligan but eh.... Let's just hope, come what may, the outcomes swings to better this time.
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    Default Re: Well 2020, any last words?


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    Default Re: Well 2020, any last words?

    Yeah 2020 sucked.

    Hopefully we get at least half a good year in 2021.

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    Default Re: Well 2020, any last words?

    The poiitics alone really soured this year. So much bullshit about Trump being a dick about his re election and american news just dominating the media outlets. Even though I'm not american I am truly sick of hearing it all the time.

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    Default Re: Well 2020, any last words?

    Only good thing that happened was the election. The year sucked.

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    Default Re: Well 2020, any last words?

    2020 was absolute misery, from COVID-19 to the election (i.e trump being trump) and beyond.

    fuck it

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    Default Re: Well 2020, any last words?

    2020, I'm not saying I want you dead, but I'd unplug your life support to charge my phone.

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    Default Re: Well 2020, any last words?

    I burned my 2020 calendar to the ground to give it a sendoff essentially.

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