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Thread: Jump Festa 21

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    I'm not sure if Jump Festa 2021 will be online, but new Shonen Jump announced Jump Special Anime Festa 2020 will be online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsword View Post
    Oda tidbits
    Funnily, it's september already and I don't feel like we've seen any of what he mentions (except the conclusion of Oden's flashback, of course). Typical Oda schedule .
    Admittedly, the climax and sacrifices part may not be that far down the road, with chapter 1000 looming close and fights picking up the pace.

    The latter part, about grim things, got me thinking. Isn't that what the final war is going to be after all? Several of Luffy's friends hurt or captured or sentenced to death or worse, their countries/factions vulnerable but willing to take up arms to defend them. By that time the Straw Hats may (or not) have reached Laugh Tale and decide to make their stand against the WG. Ace arc all over again, except this time it's not Luffy alone but all of the allied fleet and multiple countries of the world who were at one point or another indebted to Luffy & co. It's being set up right under our noses.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaido King of the Beasts View Post
    Guys what if the world is actually two straw hat planets fused together, with the Red Line being the hats' rims?

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    Does Kanjuro count as a sacrifice ?

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    Counts as a grim and sad event.

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    Finally Jump Festa 2021 will be held online from December 19th to 20th.

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    Full Poster !

    as we know, JF this year will be Online include Super Stages and goods ! They didn't announce whether will be Free or not.

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    Lmao Kenshin is there.

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    Thanks to Emunopla :

    Jump Festa 21 will include a message from Oda about future events.

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