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Thread: Bounties After Wano

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Killer might be using poison. We don't know much about him.

    And Zoro probably will fight King. He admittedly wants to cut fire and now we have King the Wildfire in front of him.

    You might think King is too much for Zoro but this will be a growth fight. And King loves to torture and Zoro is a great candidate for that, being one of the tankiest dudes in the series - giving Zoro room to grow in the process.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Zoro didn't fight "Killer". He fought "Kamazou" and nothing suggests he used poison.

    Zoro will also be part of the fight against Kaido. He didn't get "Enma" to just fight King instead.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    It doesn't have to be ''instead'', it can be ''in addition to''.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Fight King in addition to Kaido? I doubt it. Orochi is more likely.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Honestly, I don't know why folks still consider Orochi as a big bad guy.
    Before we entered Wano I also though the new shogun could be an actual threat, but since then we've seen him just be a dipshit and a cruel ruler. Yes, he has a dope fruit, that certainly gives him the capacity to subdue ordinary people but he'd be facing actual monsters this time. This feels like a Spandam 2.0 for me, Spadam also had a good sword, which in the right hands would've given us a cool fight, but in the end he got taken out by a character that's on the weaker side of the StrawHats (Robin) and that had very strong stories ties to bring him down.

    Orochi had plenty of opportunities to use his full power and show dominance through it (and create hype for such fight) but he never did, in fact most of the time he had someone else do the dirty works for him. So, yeah, I'm sure he'll go down, most likely with the helping hand of a couple of strawhats, but it's not gonna be Zoro's big fight this arc. The dude hasn't gone all out since the time-skip and he already chopped down a mountain that knew how to use his powers (Pica), Orochi vs Zoro would just look like this page repeated 8 times.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    You really think that's how it will go if Zoro goes against Orochi? I very much doubt it. Oda just doesn't have actual characters get their heads cut off.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    I don't think OP is the kind of series that would actually do that, no. It was just a colourful comparison.
    Was just saying I believe Orochi has no chance against Zoro.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Regardless; Zoro already tried to cut him down. I doubt it will end their.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Well, Zoro also cut Hody and that lead nowhere.
    But I do get what you're saying, I can easily see Zoro being an important figure in the actual fight against Orochi, I just don't think that's the main course.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Well to me it's clear Zoro will be an important figure in the fight against Kaido. He won't be the one to actually defeat him though, that's why I think he might defeat Orochi instead.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    After Luffy got promoted to emporer and crossed the billion mark BEFORE this arc, guessing these things became impossible.

    But given Roger's bounty and Go-Mu, I have to assume Luffy's *final* bounty will be 5.6 billion, (just over Rogers) though that might be too obvious.

    Other than that, no idea though I think it's too soon for others to be hitting the billion mark. Just shy of it maybe for Zoro, like 800 or 900 mill, but there's only 10 known bounties over a billion currently, and that includes 5 emperors and the dead Roger and Whitebeard. (I'll assume 11 and figure Dragon is up there too.) Even 800 mill feels high, but then Luffy is already past where I thought his *next* bounty would take him... though to be fair we didn't know the final Emporer bounties then.

    Even the "above 500 million" crowd is tiny. only another 9 or 10 characters if you count Ace. About another 30 characters with bounties over 200k though, I imagine all the strawhats will hit that threshold by the time the arc is done, I don't think Oda would run the same gag for Chopper *again*....

    Also Blackbeard's gonna have to do something soon to get his up. He's gotta be top tier by series' end.
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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Defeating two emperors and rallying like half of the worst generation as his temporary subordinates and former warlord Jinbro as his permanent should right fully push him into the 4 billion bracket. But i'm gonna low ball it and guess that he doubles his current bounty

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    I think Chopper will get his first real bounty this time, but maybe they will consider him a turncloak since I expect him to fight in monster form and the WG could mistake him as Number or something.

    I'm going with Luffy at 3 billion and BB at 4,5 billion after taking whatever he is after. So the gap between them will even grow. Kid and Law: 1,5 billion. Zoro around 1 billion, Sanji and Jinbe slightly below and the rest around 200-500 million.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    So the weakest known guy in Shanks crew clocked in at a 100 million. Does that mean that we should expect the weakling trio to bounce beyond that mark once Luff is an established emperor?

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    I don't think that Rockstar is in the main crew. 94million is too low for an emperor crew right ? He's probably like just a "messenger" like Bobbin. After all, Rockstar wasn't at Marrineford when Shanks provoked Teach's crew.

    And also, according to the Shanks-gonna-die-by-Teach's-hand theory. It would logically mean that Van Augur will kill Yasopp right ? but Yasopp is in the monster trio of Shanks right ? So, that would mean that Usopp is gonna climb to a top tier position in the near future ? after all, he's the next one in the crew to develop his haki
    I mean, whatever happens between Shanks and Blackbeard, Usopp has to get a better bounty that his daddy


    Charlotte Linlin - Beli 4,388,000,000
    Charlotte Katakuri - Beli 1,057,000,000
    Charlotte Smoothie - Beli 932,000,000
    Charlotte Cracker - Beli 860,000,000
    Charlotte Perospero - Beli 700,000,000
    Charlotte Snack - Beli 600,000,000
    Tamago - Beli 429,000,000
    Pekoms - Beli330,000,000
    Charlotte Daifuku - Beli 300,000,000
    Charlotte Oven - Beli 300,000,000

    Charlotte Mont-d'Or Beli 120,000,000
    Bobbin Beli105,500,000
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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Quote Originally Posted by Nilitch View Post
    I don't think that Rockstar is in the main crew. 94million is too low for an emperor crew right ? He's probably like just a "messenger" like Bobbin. After all, Rockstar wasn't at Marrineford when Shanks provoked Teach's crew.
    That was two years ago, he was on the cover with Shanks and Beckman at the wedding.
    Also, his bounty is probably higher now.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Oh was it only 94? Its been a while since i read that one. But eh its a fair starting bounty for a guy who just started at the very bottom of the totem pole. And it does tell you something about the structure of Shanks crew, if that guy is the errand boy. I still maintain the idea that Shanks has the smallest crew out of all the emperors, and that his entire fighting force can fit into the red force.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Rockstar had just joined when he went to deliver that message iirc.

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    Okey you defeat Big Mom and Kaidou, but you have Blackbeard and Shanks next. And even in those conditions i don't think Luffy will defeat Kaidou one to one alone. That's why that raise is going to be minimum. The ones I see a higher raise are Chopper, Jimbei and Zoro.

    Luffy: 2200.000.000
    Zoro: 1000.000.000
    Sanji: 850.000.000
    Jimbei: 1200.000.000
    Franky: 420.000.000
    Chopper: 700.000.000
    Ussop: 400.000.000
    Nami: 250.000.000
    Robin: 430.000.000
    Brook: 333.000.000

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    Default Re: Bounties After Wano

    I think Luffy will hit the 5.6 billions mark at the very end of the manga, but i find it very hard for SH to not get massive bounties after defeating two emperors (especially Zoro and Jinbe) even if not by themselves. But exactly as it was with WCI arc, i guess that the marines will think Luffy was the mastermind behind it all. And if after this Luffy really becomes a "New Emperor" i think it should be obvious for him to have at least two combatants above 1 billion. And after Wano the SH will have 3 Road Poneglyphs out of 4...there's no way the WG won't be worried about it, so i think Robin will get a significant increase too.

    Sanji: 770.000.000
    Robin: 500.000.000
    Usop: 350.000.000
    Franky: 340.000.000
    Brook: 333.000.000
    Nami: 166.000.000
    Chopper: 1.000.000

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