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Thread: American Politics: We're in for it now

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    A little ray of hope in these trying times:

    Coups are actually not that hard to stop by the people. Was quite surprised to learn this actually. "Coup attempts have happened all over the world, and over half have failed". Civil Resistance Against Coups: A Comparative and Historical Perspective

    10 Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup

    The military doesn't even like Trump, so beating a non-military coup is even easier. Mass protest and civil disobedience can be enough. Should it actually come to this, my biggest fear is that affluent centrist democrats and never Trump conservatives won't rise up and just accept business as usual. Also, people not wanting to protest and gather in fear of corona.
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    Wonder where the theoretical tipping point would be, when law enforcement would tire of fighting the people. At this point they still seem to work on the belief that the majority backs them and they are doing just fine, but lets assume this just keeps growing, at some point you'd have to review your position no? If nothing else for that i don't want to be on the bad side when everything flips skin saving

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    I imagine it would be similar to certain Trump followers who can't stop supporting him and who can't allow themselves to recognize that he has always been a garbage human being because that would mean that they had spent years supporting an asshole. All that good cult-stuff.

    At some point, people have to review their positions but that means acknowledging that what you have been fighting for and the people you have been fighting alongside has and have been bullshit. The predominant word here is fighting.
    Just something fun I made during the latest Survivor playing as Monji:

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