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Thread: The history of Arlong Park Forums

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    Still remember the days where spoilers came in the form of shitty quality raw scans directly posted on the board.

    Lurker since Post-Enies Lobby.

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    Arlong Park was a big part of my youth, was introduced by a friend in school.
    But JoJoHot was my main hangout before 2006 because I was more familiar with Chinese manga.

    As a poor student, saving money to read manga was a real thing.
    Each volume was a 2-3(sometimes even 4) months wait. But I had a shit load of manga to real.
    Hoshin Engi, Yu-Gi-Oh, I”S, Love Hina, Hunter Hunter, Shaman King, Hikaru no Go, The Prince of Tennis, NARUTO, BLEACH, Black Cat, M0.
    And many more. Just some that I can think right now.

    Internet was slow before 2003 and it was only in 2003 when I got a laptop and use the internet in my school that got me into anime and manga online.
    Online manga scanlation was a god save on my pocket money.
    Sometimes I can spend all my lunch money reading manga.

    All the manga in my country were published in mandarin during that time, but my non-chinese friend were also reading manga.
    That was how I got to know that Arlong Park was one of the best place to get the latest update in English, sometime in 2005.

    2006 was when I joined, because all the discussion was so tempting!
    Had so many debates and fun here. One Piece is truly the best.

    Thanks to all those people who interacted with me.
    Thank you Aftershock, EvilGamerX, The Dude, Roboblue, Matt, and Randy1031.
    Thank you Arlong Park.

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