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Thread: Beastars

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    That's... it makes me sad, but understanding.

    It's gonna be hard to make a satisfying wrap-up in three chapters considering the scope of this story. Still, seeing the quality flip-flop through the Melon arc makes it clear the weekly schedule wasn't working for this series. Better end it on a relatively good note.

    I'm looking forward to Paru's next work. To me she's a really refreshing author, someone who draws and tells stories the way she wants. No matter the quality it was always a source of inspiration, turning Beastars into the highlight reading of each week. And I really hope this isn't the end of the Beastars world. I hope sometime in the future she'll revisit it, maybe with short comics like the ones in Beast Complex.

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    Not really a shocker seeing how quality has been dropping throughout the Melon arc. I hope her next work lets her fully express her talent and is more like the first arc.
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    That seems pretty sudden. There was a lot to explore.

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    Damn crazy its ending. It just got on Netflix you'd think they'd extend it as much as possible. Oh well, a unique series anyways

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    I would have much preferred this series to go monthly instead of basically getting axed. No way 3 chapters will do this any justice. Despite the decline in quality over the last +50 chapters this series was very unique and I'm pretty sad to see tons of world-building done go unexplored :(
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