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Thread: A formal self introduction

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    Default A formal self introduction

    Hello to everybody in the forums! I'll start by introducing myself, I'm Greennes, my hobbies include playing video games and watching movies,
    I'm not a huge anime guy, in fact I've only watched a couple(Code Geass, Both FMA shows, Evangelion and of course One Piece)
    so I'm sorry to disappoint you on that front. .-.

    My first enconter with the series was at a young with the show airing on Jetix at 2006, however it wasn't the 4kids dub,
    we actually got a fully original dub that was more faithful to the original japanese version(not funimation), the downside is that we only got 52 episodes dubbed before it got cancelled,
    still though it gave me a solid grasp of the series and I did get to experience the Arlong and Baratie arcs in a pretty solid form.

    I've returned to the series last year and decided to watch the entire anime and ever since then I've been really invested with the characters and rich amout of stories that one piece has to offer,
    now i'm entirely caught up with the anime and read a little bit of the manga(mainly east blue).

    Anyway, if you bothered to read all of that until here, I'm looking forward to having discussions with ya'll, espacially if it's about new anime episodes!

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    Default Re: A formal self introduction

    Welcome to the forums! I recommend using One Pace for the later arcs.

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    Default Re: A formal self introduction

    Thanks for the recommandation, however I was actually using one pace from the Dressrosa arc until Wano.

    Also thanks for the welcome.

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