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Thread: Fan the Hammer: A Mafia Game

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    Default Re: Fan the Hammer: A Mafia Game

    Ayyyy, good job, Mafia! It was interesting to watch the game while knowing who the Mafia was the whole time, but on Days 3 and 4, the outlook did not look good for them, haha. Nice job pulling out the win, Fool and Kitsu! I'm pretty impressed. And, interesting, there were that many safe vests, huh? Too bad three out of four of the people who had them either got lynched or left the game.

    For anyone who wants to read them and hasn't already, here's the threads for graveyard: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/XKHCtvjNaYRLy and Mafia: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/3e9atBw4m486b The Graveyard thread was pretty active, which was cool.
    (My sincere apologies if stuff I said earlier in the game seems harsh, lulz. I was a bit frustrated at the time, but it ended up being a pretty cool game!)
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    Default Re: Fan the Hammer: A Mafia Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Foolio
    Huschel pointed out that I was suspicious for playing less aggressively this time. He's kinda right, but it's not really because I'm mafia. I was being my usual trigger-happy self for most of the game. It's more because of all the animosity which made it really hard for me to get as seriously back into it, and also I've been on vacation the past few days so drama to that degree is not particularly what I wanted. I didn't end up lynched but I think it's unfair that because I have an identifiable playstyle, it's now my duty forever to uphold that style, lest I look scummy. And I do think I've still been taking risks. I could have made decisions that made me stand out a lot less, like voting for Kitsune right away or getting on the Huschel wagon right away. But where's the fun in that lol.
    You gotta give me something, man. I thought something was off about you starting Day 1. I just couldn't figure out what it was. And when I reread your posts later to figure it out, you read perfectly Townish to me. :P But anyway, I kinda, sorta figured out both mafia players which never ever happens. So yay me.

    Also, I didn't know how to respond during the game because that was a very serious time for serious people. But I appreciate the various compliments.
    Just something fun I made during the latest Survivor playing as Monji:

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    Default Re: Fan the Hammer: A Mafia Game

    Foolio and Kitsune? That's the dream team.
    Foolio really wasn't suspicious in my eyes, so damn!

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    Default Re: Fan the Hammer: A Mafia Game

    I skimmed through the thread a couple of times even after leaving and it seems like you guys had a great run. Well played everyone, and congrats to Foolio and Kitsune.

    Really sorry about dropping out so suddenly, I'll be a lot more careful about when I choose to join games in the future.

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    Default Re: Fan the Hammer: A Mafia Game

    Good game guys. I legitimately just try to ignore the fact that I'm mafia most of the time. That's why I was legit bussing Kitsune on Day 2 If I seemed off maybe I was actually being sloppy, but I do think a lot of it was things getting heated and my vacation time. kmo both you and Kirby had us on your list early on, but I insist it was just a coincidence! Lol. Maybe I'm just stubborn. Sorry to anyone I offended.

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