Finally finished watching the season finale of Agents of Shield. Glad its over.

I wasn't feeling most of the season and these last 3 episodes didn't help. I didn't care about the big bad or the Hunters. There was way too much repeated or filler dialogue to burn time. The stones opened the portal to their world but then another door had to be opened to free her people? Come on, show. The ole zombie bad guy goons, didn't care. Shield being attacked was sorta interesting. Would've been more interesting if they developed more agents. Give them a line or some personality, anything other than being extras. Shield was the greatest threat to the Hunters taking over Earth? Yeah, right.

The Evil Coulson fake out was interesting until it went back to him and the lady going on and on about the same stuff, again. Glad May and Yo-Yo didn't die. I love Deke. He's the best character of the season. Second goes to Enoch. Great seeing Flint again. I hope he stays. Maybe all this time travel hi-jinks at the end leads to Shield coming back proper in the MCU. Maybe see Fury, Hill, and Koeing again.

The writing was so average or boring. I'm being really harsh but the only reason I finished this season was because I'm putting my faith into season 7 being great. Btw, where's Benson? Did he tell Shield what he knew then quit? And where was the body of that Shield agent the red-haired lady killed on the Zephyr? And why wasn't Fitz and Simmons mad at Enoch for letting several agents die during the assault on the Lighthouse? Okay, now I'm just nitpicking, I'll stop.

...And, why didn't Yo-Yo realize Mack was the red-headed lady? There were the only two on the plane? And how did Deke sneak a bunch of civilians on a super spy base? How didn't ANYONE realize they were there? And, what was the purpose of the Strike bats? Red Lady's people can possess people without them. Just walk to a populated area and posses the nearest body.

Okay, I'll stop for real this time.

And, why did they show LMD Coulson getting ready, deactivate him, then reactive him when Mack and Daisy got there? No excuse next season, show. None.

I thought I'd be the last one talking about the finale but I'm one of the first. Not a good sign lol