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Thread: One Piece Koby Manga Spinoff??

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    Default One Piece Koby Manga Spinoff??

    Apparently, it's called One Piece: Kobiyama Who Looks like Koby - Two Piece in a Pod

    Here is more info about the manga, although there's not much else to it.

    I didn't know such a thing existed until yesterday when I saw this article that says that the manga is reaching its climax in July. Does anyone else know about this? Is it any good?

    I apologize in advance if this thread already exists.
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    Default Re: One Piece Koby Manga Spinoff??

    Yeah, this existed for a while but I haven't read it so no clue if it's good.

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    Default Re: One Piece Koby Manga Spinoff??

    i saw them, but afraid no one will do the scanlation, somehow the story seems quite promising to kill some time

    usually i keep up on them here -> https://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/10834108156631134195

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    Default Re: One Piece Koby Manga Spinoff??

    A lot of the characters in the manga are based on characters from One Piece.

    You can read the online version of the manga for free at Shonenjumpplus.com

    Start reading here and then at the end of each episode, press the red button for next episode. I think there are 50 episodes so far. When you hit the "pay wall" asking you to make an account, just hit the little gray button under the red button. You'll be able to continue to read for free. The version you read will just contain ads.


    It isn't a pirate site or hack or anything-- this is the official original source. The manga is published as basically a web comic form as opposed to being in the real magazine. The manga books of it are collections of these stories with the first volume out now and the second and third scheduled for next month.

    Most of the characters are based on OnePiece characters. But usually they warp the name a bit to name a Japanese name out of it. For instance, Koby becomes Kobiyama with no given name.
    Smoker becomes Sumoshige, Mister 1 becomes Misu Taichi and so on.

    Another weird aspect is that One Piece exists within the story and a lot of the characters are aware that Koby is Koby from the One Piece story, and other characters are also aware that the other characters are expies from the story-- but generally everyone is unaware that they themselves are a character from the story.

    Outside of the teachers, who seem more distantly related to existing characters, there are only two major original characters in this manga.

    The first is Motsutomo Atsunari who fluctuates between the biggest bully and rival to Kobiyama to his only friend. In fact, Motsutomo appears in this manga maybe even more than Koby as he is the one who most frequently interacts with the other character's stories too. It is /possible/ he is an expy of Luffy that is just super well disguised. But then he has a frequent recurring gag where he resembles Alvida. I have no idea why this role wasn't given to Helmappo-- in fact, while I haven't totally caught up, Helmappo hasn't appeared. I guess his name was just too difficult to turn into a normal Japanese one. But Atsunari is totally not Helmappo in any way.

    The other original character is Akaishi Madoka-- a girl from another class who has a crush on Koby and sees him as the post-timeskip version of Koby instead of the one that appears in the story.


    Okay, fanfic time:
    The only person we know who is working as part of Koby's squad is Helmappo. So what if these two from the manga represent his thus far totally off-screened nakama?

    If I were to work these two into the One Piece story, I think maybe Atsunari would be a fellow Marine trainee who was top of class when Koby first started training and bullied Koby when he first joined, but ultimately learned to respect him and now serves under him as Koby's rank kept rising.

    And Madoka would be related to Akainu (thus the name 'Akaishi' which is rather close) maybe his daughter (he is 55, it isn't impossible that he has a teenage daughter) and the reason he didn't kill Koby after Marineford for getting in his way is that she is also part of Koby's squad and vouched for him. I mean, sure, we can assume that Garp is the real canon reason, but given how the other character's names were warped for the manga, I can't help but think that this manga would totally rename Akainu as Akaishi Sakazuki.

    Addendum: The more I did into the manga, the more I am sure that Atsunari is Luffy, only with light hair as Koby was given dark hair. The classmates he is portrayed wlth that aren't given eyes appear to be Zoro, Sanji (with dark hair), Yasoku and either Johnny or Usopp without the tengu nose.

    Which reminds me, does anyone else kind of wish that Yasoku and Johnny had stuck around as minor background Straw Hat pirates who were generally left to guard/repair the ship and other minor tasks. The Straw Hats have always felt as though as a crew they were too small, while as main characters they divide the story too much.
    If there were recurring minor characters who helped run the ship but rarely took part in the main story, it would feel like more of a proper crew.
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    Default Re: One Piece Koby Manga Spinoff??

    Maybe we get some look a likes from the One Piece characters but they are younger & are in class with the Koby look alike.

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