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Thread: Bonjour Arlong Park dudes and dudettes

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    Hi. My name is Johann, I'm 32, I live in France. My funny pseudonym is spitles, it means what it means eh ... I have it since my childhood, it was my sonic's OC funny name, I was 9 or 10, at that time i didn't know at all what spitles meant.

    I don't remind exactly when I started to eat onepiece, but some dude who cosplayed Davaro Black (actually Luffy but he looks like Davaro Black) told me about that funny anime that was so cool, that I had to watch, etc... So I watched the East Blue Arc anime's adaptation, and guess what, I didn't like it. Eventually some Baroque Works episodes dropped, and I didn't like either. Some years later, well it was about 10 years ago, another dude told me he was reading onepiece, so I checked some fansites and started to watch again. Then that same dude told me the manga had more contents. It was during Amazon Lily, so I started to read the manga instead. From then I dropped the anime and went manga only. Eventually I did register to a french community board to talk onepiece a bit (hi to eventual Volonté Du D members here), still I didn't post that much until Dressrosa. I also registered here long ago but I did never post. I couldn't find my previous account, so I guess it got great-cleansed lol, so I made a new one because ... well there's been the rise of OJ, so I did an account there some years ago, still I started to post there recently ... ye so you guessed it, I turn out to be another of these undesirable unfunny cringy toxic OJ dude eh (hi to eventual unwanted OJ dudes) ...

    I'm not a heavy manga consuming machine, so my knowledge about other series is quite limited. Well I know Dragon Ball ... then Trigun, GTO, FMA ... 666 Satan, Rave Master, Air Gear, Death Note, Bakuman ... Ichi The Killer ... Mangaka-San To Assistant-San To, Golden Boy ... well I didn't read 90% of Naruto but I enjoyed the first and the final arc ... I dropped Fairy Tail after the tournament arc, OnePunch-Man during the tournament, MHA at chapter 6, Assassination Classroom i don't remind when, same for Btooom!, Dr.Stone recently, The Promised Neverland somewhere near ch50, Samourai 8 after a few pages ... sometimes I read random chapters from other series ... Well basically I read onepiece, eventually another manga along, I don't have that much time to devour manga anyway. I did read some manwha too, Girls from the Wild's was funny ...

    IRL i'm supposed to do serious intellectual stuffs like marketing and websites and flyers, but actually I'm jailed in a mcdonald's. It means I might be stupid and toxic and salty eh... Well I did over 1200 hours for free there because my collegues are fodders and evil vilains, but it doesn't matter that much, I'm used to free work, I did a lot of stuffs for free in the past. Besides I'm doing a bit of fitness and I draw a bit. I have a manga project, so I did study some funny stuffs like what is a manga, about why/how to do manga, about the target audiences, about the series themes, about the magazines themes, about emotions, about tree of life, about pastas (for the characters hairs), about etc... you funny serious intellectual vigilant detectives can find some stuffs online from earlier versions.

    Otherwise I listen to music : hardstyle/rawstyle, synthwave, the fluidified channel on youtube, folk metal, ye a bit of j-rock too, big beat ... I watch WWE ... Sometimes I game Mario Kart to do my push up sessions (ex: 20 push ups between each GP) ... I also do my squats sessions while brushing my teeth, and I eat only yellow stuffs like pastas and bananas (no not fries/chips) ... cool eh ?! Ok I'll end here.

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    Yoohoi spitlessss!!!!

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    Default Re: Bonjour Arlong Park dudes and dudettes

    Welcome to the park!

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    Default Re: Bonjour Arlong Park dudes and dudettes

    Quote Originally Posted by spitles View Post
    Hi. My name is Johann, I'm 32, I live in France.
    Welcome to Arlong Park! I love FMA too. Hope you enjoy your time here!

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