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Thread: Yoohoi fellas

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    Cool Yoohoi fellas

    I'm Yasuu my favorite color is purple

    I like: Donuts,Sugar,Candies,My sister

    I don't like: Lying on my back,My other sister,Straw Hats

    That's it.....

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    Default Re: Yoohoi fellas

    Donuts are amazing! Welcome to the forum!

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    Default Re: Yoohoi fellas

    Yessss! Someone who's clearly not a spambot!

    Please read my webtoon Truffle Cat Cafe

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    Default Re: Yoohoi fellas

    Ty guys!! Hope we are going to have some fun here!!

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    Default Re: Yoohoi fellas

    Welcome to AP! Hope you enjoy yourself here.

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