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Thread: Locked out of my Facebook account

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    Default Locked out of my Facebook account

    I use Remember Me a lot which leads to forgetting passwords since I never have to type them in. I know now that I should write my passwords down, but I joined Facebook in 2010 when I hadn't learned that lesson yet. Not only do I not remember my password, I don't remember my FB email password I used either, and had to reset it by having a code sent to a different email address. And after that I had to confirm it was me by answering some questions on either my FB email or account, I don't remember which. And I didn't remember enough. I got an email back saying I didn't provide enough information for them to confirm it was me. So I really have no idea what I can do. All the options provided for getting back into my account require me to remember things that I don't remember because it's been years since I thought about this.
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    Default Re: Locked out of my Facebook account

    Is there any information about this?

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