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Thread: Dai Dark

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    Default Dai Dark

    Dorohedoro's mangaka's new manga. First chapter's out.


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    Default Re: Dai Dark

    Q is back. All praise the queen.

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    Default Re: Dai Dark

    did Ebisu change sex ?

    Thans for the thread. I missed the title

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    Default Re: Dai Dark

    Yess, more Hayashida! I'm sooooo ready!
    Bring the weirdness!

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    Default Re: Dai Dark

    Haven't read Dorohedoro yet, but checked out this first chapter. Weird as hell, art is something you need to get used to, but I am hooked.
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    Dorohedoro is among my all times favorite mangas, but Dai Dark has not managed to hook me in and, in fact, I found this first chapter almost boring.

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    I wasn't with the chapter either. . .until the weird skeleton thingie was brought to life. Then it felt Dorohedoro-ish as hell.

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