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Thread: Pokemon Sword and Shield

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    Default Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Right now I'm leaning towards Grookey, but that's more because I'm not feeling the other two all that much. Sobble's head looks too big for it's body, and Scorbunny has the same problem I have with a lot of modern Starters where they look less like animals/creatures and more like cartoon characters (Incineroar is probably the clearest example of what I'm talking about). Grookey is kind of plain, but that's about it.

    Still, I care more about final forms than stage ones so it doesn't really matter that much anyway.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    That's why I gave up on not spoiling myself about the starter evolutions before the game. I screwed up with Rowlet and evolved it even though I knew I didn't liked its evolutions. Ended up having to box it.
    So even though it would be cool to find out what Grookey evolves into as I play the game, this time I intend to keep it unevolved if I am not pleased with what is to come.

    Not to mention unless the game is considerably harder than the previous ones, having non-evolved pokemon in the team not only will not really make things impossibly hard, but will provide a welcome level of challenge.

    EDIT: By "that", I mean what Robby said. Didn't realized there was another page already.

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    I won't box my starter even if its final evolution ins't appealing enough. That would be a dumb move because, for one thing, is the very first mon you get as you start your adventure, and for the other, looks ain't all.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Wasn't sure whether to post this in the Pokemon or Jojo thread, so I figured I'd do both.


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    Cool :D

    For moon, I was set on Rowlet before I saw the final forms and ended picking Popplio.
    This time I'm not sure I want to see the evolutions beforehand, though I already switched from Scorbunny to Sobble because the latter is simply adorable.

    Counted three for Grookey, two for Sobble and one maybe for Scorbunny :D

    Started Moon nuzlocke run today and managed to get wiped at the first trial because I made some stupid choices. :(
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    Default Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    I hope SwSh has a great replayability because I've been saving all my alternatives playthroughs (nuzlockes, funrun, monotypes, etc.) for the day a pokémon game would allow multiple save files - I never have it in me to delete my original playthrough (actually I tried a bug-monotype run on X recently, but man revisiting that game was so boring! I'm still stuck on the entrance of Victory Road too annoyed to go fetch my HM slaves on the PC).

    Nuzlocke particularly is something I would like to try.

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