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Thread: The Vic Mignogna Situation

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    Default The Vic Mignogna Situation

    With the recent allegations against Vic Mignogna from many parties, including other performers, there are many strong and mixed feelings about the issue. To keep the politics separate from the show itself, I think we’re all agreed that a new thread is the best option.

    What's important is that we don't blame each other for what side we choose to sympathize with, and to do our best to avoid hatred against any of the parties involved. There are many factors about the situation that we don’t know and may never know, and it’s very easy to blame each other when it’s not our battle to fight.

    If this discussion is to continue, we need to keep name-calling, chest-thumping fanaticism and aspersions against other posters’ character out of it. If there’s new info to add, try to be specific about its source, whether it’s an article, a personal account, a message from an affected party or from Mignogna. Above all, talk needs to be kept civil on all sides, or this thread will have to be closed, all discussion on the matter banned and those responsible facing infractions and other consequences.
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    Default Re: The Vic Mignogna Situation

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    Default Re: The Vic Mignogna Situation

    Regardless of your stance, and ignoring the hate filled comments in that blog, I respect him for acknowledging there was some fault on his side. Even if I don't fully buy into the allegations, I'm sure there was some misconduct along the way. I think people need to grow up and learn to be more forgiving in this day and age. The man has already been punished heavily with life-changing consequences, whether I believe it's fair or not. And yet people are still lashing out and wanting more? The people saying things like that are far worse people than they try to paint him.

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    Default Re: The Vic Mignogna Situation

    Whatever the truth is, the whole situation has been handled so poorly on all fronts. By the VA's threatening to call homeland security on people asking questions, to the fans attacking VA's, and yes, most likely to Vic's own terrible behavior. This could have and should have most likely been handled more privately than it has been. I'm all for shaming sickos for awful behavior but in this case, it was like setting off a nuke to their audience because OF COURSE people would want the truth when someone they idolize is facing such accusations and OF COURSE they want answers when actions are taken without any proof being presented to them. That's a natural reaction, but they have to remember that those answers don't have to be given to them. That's why this should have been handled more in-house and privately rather than with voice actors arguing with twitter. The moment it turned into that, the moment Twitter was weaponized on both fronts in both support and against Vic, was the moment people felt they were owed answers that usually aren't given to the public. It became their fight too when the accusers engaged with them so openly about the accusations. This all should have been handled within the company, by the police, and without Twitter/Youtube/and the fandoms chomping at the bit for answers. It should have all been handled and then hear about the aftermath publicly with recasting and whatnot. Everyone dropped the ball and because of that, this has turned into an absolute mess. Personally, as much as I liked Vic, I'm leaning toward the accusers because I question why they would make those stories up. But, we haven't been given and probably won't ever be shown any of the evidence the companies like Funimation used in their investigation so it's all up to beliefs. If this does turn out to be some sort of push because of personal feelings toward Vic, then that will be a whole other can of worms.

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    Default Re: The Vic Mignogna Situation

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