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Thread: Carmen Sandiego Netflix Series

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    Default Carmen Sandiego Netflix Series

    Visit here if you were looking for the MOVIE (coming out this year too?!) instead: http://apforums.net/showthread.php?t=49019

    So the trailer came out and, uh:

    ...not quite sure how I feel about them pretty much just overturning the lore and making her a straight up rogue hero as opposed.to the Magnificent Bastard she usually was, but hey I liked the other animated reboot* Netflix put out recently well enough so I'll keep my optimism, albeit a bit cautious. Bonus points if it somehow attains similar levels of gayness lol.

    *what's a voltron

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    Default Re: Carmen Sandiego Netflix Series

    I heard about this, but I didn't know there was a live-action movie in the works, too.

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    Default Re: Carmen Sandiego Netflix Series

    I'm actually interest with this new series. I like they are going with Carmen being like Lupin the 3rd in a way.

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    Default Re: Carmen Sandiego Netflix Series

    Wasn't impressed, unfortunately. Other than the player concept (I hope he's more than just some hacker), it feels generic. If they can give her interesting antagonists to bounce off it could work, but VILE's looking pretty basic too.

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