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Thread: Mini movelists of Rokushiki combined with other DF

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    Default Mini movelists of Rokushiki combined with other DF

    Alright guys, ever since I watched GrandLineReview's video on Mr.5 Bomu Bomu no mi over a week ago, I've started trying my hand at coming up with techniques that utilizes Rokushiki with other Devil Fruits besides just the Hana Hana no mi. Here's some of what I got down so far:

    Bomu Bomu no mi:
    • Enka (Rocket) - Right as the user steps on the air itself, he/she actives the fruit's power, causing user to blast off like a rocket or cannon.
    • Shibaku (Finger bomb) - Right after jabbing the target, the tip of the finger explodes inside the poor victim.
    • Tekkai "SaiBaku" (Smash bomb) - Basically Tekkai Sai (used by Blueno and Kibin respectively) with the smashing fist causing the ground to explode upon contact.

    Buggy's Bara Bara no mi:
    • Shin Shigan - Basically Shigan but with the user shooting the finger limb at the target like an actual bullet.
    • Juushigan "Kannyon" (Cannon) - After putting their hands in a Juushigan pose, the user launches their hands towards the target like a canon!
    • Tekkai "Rain fall" - By hardening all separated parts, the user's parts will fall on the opponents in an attempt to smash them.
    UPDATE 11/25/18: If you want to see more DFs + Rokushiki combos that I came with so far for other devil fruits, you can find them here.

    As for the Miss Valentine's Kilo Kilo no mi, I decided to just condense the ideas into the doc below just avoid making this post longer and also because the I ended up coming up with more techniques for that fruit than I initially intended. In fact, this made me appreciate the fruit's potential more than ever (I still don't think it's versatility is anywhere near as good as Robin's Hana Hana fruit but still).


    Anyway, feel free to throw in ideas for other kinds of techniques for these combos as well as any other DFs you think I should try to combine Rokushiki with and make a small movelist out of. ;)

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Btw, before any of you say "Why bother with the Kilo Kilo fruit when you could have done this with the Ton Ton fruit instead since it's is superior to the Kilo Kilo one.", yes, I agree that the Ton one is superior to the Kilo one.....in Power at least. However I do believe that the Kilo one is superior to the Ton one in terms of mobility due to the obvious difference between Kilos and Tons, not to mention that both powers can only back down to 1 kilo and 1 ton respectively and nothing lighter than that, thus why I've chosen the Kilo Kilo fruit which I find easier to work with.
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    Default Re: Mini movelists of Rokushiki combined with other DF

    Update 11/13/18:

    5 new techniques have been added to the "Kilo Kilo no mi + Rokushiki" movelist document with two in the Tekkai section, two in the Rankyaku section, and one in the Soru section
    • Rankyaku "Buzzsaw" (LLW) - Similar to Lucci's Rankyaku Hoybi, the user goes into a flamingo stance and spins his/her leg around and around super fast at "1 kilo kilo" state before finally kicks it towards the target with the air blade being in the shape of a buzzsaw.
    • Rankyaku "Hoshi" (Star) (LLW or LBW) - By kicking in five different directions in less than a second at the "1 kilo kilo" state, the user unleashes a large Air blade in a shape of a star.
    • Mach Speed Kenpo (LBW) - A fighting style that allows the user to fight with lightning-fast attacks while still moving incredibly fast using Geppo, Soru, and the "1 kilo kilo" state simultaneously and continusly. This style mainly centers around elements of boxing, along with several techniques of it's own.
    • Mach Speed Kenpo "Hokken Shu" (Cannon Fist Raid) (LBW)(H) - Part of the Mach Speed Kenpo style. The user simply uses Hokken rapidly while constantly moving around the target(s) with Soru or Senkou.
    • Tekkai “Onochi” (Axe Hammer) (HLW)(H) - The user performs an overhead axe kick and activates Tekkai and the “Heavier weight” state in mid arc right before the leg makes contact on the target. If the target blocks the kick, the user can simply increase the pressure by making the leg heavier until he/she breaks the target’s blocking and crushes him as a result.

    I have to admit, I'm having a lot of fun coming up with more ideas for this fruit. However, I have yet to come up with anything new for the Bara Bara and Bomu Bomu fruits so any help with those is very much appreciated. Also, don't be shy in giving me ideas for other fruits as well. ;)
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    Default Re: Mini movelists of Rokushiki combined with other DF

    Update 11/19/18:

    I finally got around to getting some techniques down for some of the other devil fruits that people in this forum (and other forums) have listed. There is not much at the moment but at least it's something. I have composite all of them (including the Buggy and Mr.5 ones) into a document which you can check out here.

    However, I've added 8 new techniques to the "Kilo Kilo no mi + Rokushiki" movelist document with four in the Shigan section, one in the Geppo section, and three in the Soru section, along with updating some of the already existing ones with better descriptions and finally giving names to some of the techniques that some of these new additions are either a follow up from or a more powerful version of:

    Black - Entirely new additions.
    Red - Techniques with updated info including names and descriptions.
    • Tekkai "Zō" (Statue) (HBW)(H) - Basically using Tekkai “Go” (used by Blueno and Kumadori) with the user’s body being at the “10,000 Kilo kilo” state, resulting in the body becoming heavier and sturdier in order to remain in place while using Tekkai. Can be used with Busoshoku Haki “Koka” for maximum effect!
    • Senkou (Flash) (LLW or LBW) - After making their lower body or whole body lighter than their normal weight, the user's Soru becomes much faster than usual. However, when used at the “1 kilo kilo” state, the user becomes so fast that he/she ends up surpassing the speed of sound, even to the point where even enemies with the most well trained eye will be unable to track the user’s movements, thus resulting in looking like they were instantly teleporting from place to place rather than just moving at vanishing speed.
    • Shigan “Shiragiku” (白菊, White Chrysanthemum) (LAW)(H) - By making the arm lighter, the user's Shigan Ouren attack becomes faster! It's even possible to activate this during a regular Shigan Ouren to gradually increase the speed.
    • Shigan "Maelstrom" (LAW)(H) - Same as the above technique but with Both arms.
    • Kyoku Shigan “Bougan” (Extreme Shigan “Bowgun”) (LBW)(H) - A powerful Shigan technique where the user will first go into a "ready and aim" stance and then propels himself/herself straight ahead towards the enemy with Senkou (1 kilo kilo variation) and pierces the target with shigan in one instantaneous thrusting motion. Thanks to the propelling speed and power of Senkou, this shigan is so fast that it is almost virtually impossible for the enemy to react since he will be struck before he even realizes it.
    • Kyoku Jusshigan (LAW)(H) - Same as the above technique but with all ten fingers instead of one, making it a lot more powerful.
    • Gekko Jusshigan “???” (HBW)(H) - A more powerful version of Gekko Jusshigan (originally used by Jabra) that utilizes the DF’s “Weight increasing” aspects at its maximum. It starts off with the user using Geppo to get himself/herself into the air and to subsequently avoid his/her foe's attack, then uses it again to launch themselves towards the airborne target in a vertical drop. And finally, as they’re dropping towards the target, the user immediately increases his/her weight to the “10,000 kilo kilo” state. The extra added momentum from the weight increase, along with target being vulnerable in the air, makes the following Jusshigan far more effective than a normal Gekko Juushigan, and nearly impossible to avoid.
    • Mach Speed Kenpo "Rugokoushou" (Log stiff palm) (LBW)(H) - A high speed Palm strike with great precision.
    • Mach Speed Kenpo "Gungnir" (LBW)(H) - A powerful and deadly hand thrust using all five fingers of the hand.
    • Mach Speed Kenpo "Million illusion kick" (LBW)(H) - A flurry of rapid firing kicks that are near instantaneous.
    • Geppo "Zeihō" (勢砲, Rebound Cannon) (from HBW into LBW) - This is a very risky technique that requires precise timing in order to work. In a couple of seconds before hitting the ground while falling in the "10,000 kilo kiko" state from very high up, the user immediately goes into the "1 kilo kiko" state and quickly uses geppo to bounce right back up at the very last second, resulting in a sort of a "explosive" spring or recoil effect that causes the user to skyrocket upward at speeds so intense that any rising attacks done in this state will have an incredibly more powerful impact than it normally would (like a rising fist for example). This is a very good technique for fooling people who were able to avoid any of the user's "10,000 kilo kilo" dropping smash attacks by getting high above them, only to end up being surprised at the user rebounding right back up for a counterattack from below.

    Not only that, but I even made a concept sketch of two of the techniques from the document with more on the way! Unfortunately, it's in cam-quality at the moment but I will post a direct scan later on.

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    Default Re: Mini movelists of Rokushiki combined with other DF

    Minor Update:

    Went ahead and added one more technique for technique to the "Kilo Kilo no mi + Rokushiki" movelist doc and it was an attack that I just couldn't resist adding in.

    Shozeihōken (Rising Rebound Cannon Fist) (H) - One of the follow ups to the Geppo "Zeiho" technique. Simply a powerful rising uppercut.

    In other words, it's pretty much the SHORYUKEN!!!

    Sorry, I just had to freaking do it, damnit! XD

    And also, I made a direct scan of the concept sketches, plus I added a concept sketch of the Rankyaku "Buzzsaw"! :D

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    Default Re: Mini movelists of Rokushiki combined with other DF

    Update 11/25/18:

    Added more devil fruits to the list:

    Sui Sui no mi:
    • Rankyaku "Shinkuro" (Synchronize) (H) - The user, with only their legs sticking out of the surface they're swimming in, unleashes different types of air blades by doing various choreographed routines that are usually shown in Synchronized Swimming.
    • Shigan "Traveling spikes" (H) - While swimming under the surface, the user constantly unleashes a rapid-firing flurry of Shigan at the target in a similar fashion to a floor of trap spikes popping out of the ground in waves.
    • Distortion Walk - Basically a soru + geppo technique similar to Bluewalk (the underwater technique originally used by Sanji) utilized with the DF's powers in order to travel within the surface faster. Nuff said.
    Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model: Kabutomushi (Hornet)
    • ??? (Buzz-saw) - The user uses both Soru and Geppou along with the fruit's flying ability to move around the air at far greater speeds.
    • Rankayu “Bombing Run” (H) - While flying in the air, the user unleashes a barrage of raining air blades on the grounded target as they chase or circle them.
    • Shigan “Hornet Swarm” (H) - The user unleashes a rapid-firing flurry of Shigans with all four arms.
    • Sagan (Stinger Gun) (H) - A version of Shigan where instead of using a finger, the user uses their stinger.
    (Credits goes to YellowCosmos from Narutoforums for coming up with these creative ideas for this particular fruit!)

    Plus I've added more techniques to the fruits that already on the list:

    8 for the Guru Guru no mi, making it total of 9 so far:
    • Kussaku Shigan (Drilling Finger gun) (H) - Using a rotating finger, the user jabs it into the target like a little drill.
    • Kussaku Jusshigan (Drilling Ten Finger guns) (H) - The user does a Jusshigan with all ten fingers rotating like a drill.
      • Kussaku Jusshigan “???” (H) - After putting the hands into a Jusshigan pose, the user rotates both hands simultaneously (in the same direction in order to work properly btw) like big drill before thrusting into them into the enemy’s body. This technique can be even further enhanced by strengthening the fingers with Busoshoku Koka (Armament Hardening)!
    • Geppo “???” - By kicking off the air while wearing rotating pieces of cloth attach to the legs during flight, the user gains a quick boost to blast off into further distances than usual, acting sort of like an acceleration.
    • Geppo “Air Drill” - By kicking off the air with rotating legs, the user blasts off while rotating like drill. This can also be utilized for other kinds of attacks such as:
      • Kussaku Shigan “Hokiri” (Cannon Drill) (H) - While heading towards the target, the user sticks out one of his/her arms and rotates both it and the finger before making contact with the target.
      • Kussaku Gosshigan “Chou Hokiri” (Drilling Five Finger Guns “Great Cannon Drill”) (H) -Same as the above attack but with all five fingers used.
      • Kussaku Jusshigan “Kyoku Hokiri” (Drilling Ten Finger Guns Extreme Cannon Drill) (H) -Same as the above attack but with both arms out and all Ten fingers used.
    3 for the Doku Doku no mi, making it a total of 5 so far:
    • Doku Rankyaku (Poisonous Storm Leg) (H) - Simply a purplish air blade engulfed in poison in order to cut and poison the enemy simultaneously. This can also be applied with universal variations of Rankyaku (ie Rankyaku Sen, Rankyaku Ran, etc.).
    • Tekkai "Kiken” (Hazard) (H) - While Tekkai is activated, the user covers his/her whole body in invisible type of poison so that when the enemy hits the body with unarmed physical attacks (like punches and kicks for example), not only will the damage be nullified, but he will also be infected by the poison.
    • Tobu Shigan "Venom dart" (H) - 1st version: Using the fingernails endowed with poison, the user shoots a poisoned air-compressed bullet at the target via flicking. 2nd version (HO): The user can also alternatively shoot out a poisoned shockwave compressed bullet via shooting out of the tip of the finger using Haki.
    And finally 2 for the Kilo Kilo no mi, making it total of 30 so far:
    • Tekkai "Chou Suisai" (Great Comet Smash) (HBW)(H) - A much stronger version of Tekkai "Suisai" (Comet Smash) that is done with both fists out ahead of the user.
    • Rankyaku “Ranhō” (Storm Cannon) (H) - Another follow up to Geppo "Zeihō". As the user is rising, the user immediately swings his/her legs upward which results in creating a tall vertical air blade that cuts anything in front of it and finally, once the user stops rising, shoots upward like a line bullet similar to Rankyaku Sen, only larger and more powerful, soaring up like a rocket.

    Also, I've reorganized the document a little to make it slightly better.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Minor Update:

    Went ahead and corrected a couple of techniques with Guru Guru no mi due to my foolish ignorance about the rotating aspects of the fruit. My bad. -_-
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    Default Re: Mini movelists of Rokushiki combined with other DF

    Update 12/2/18:

    Added another devil fruit to the list:

    Supa Supa no mi/Dice Dice fruit:
    • Soru “Shaving Spar” (H) - Using Soru to accelerate towards the target, the user then slashes the target with both bladed arms in a under-swing fashion.
    • Soru "Tornado Spar" (H) - The user uses Soru to spin towards the target with blades on their hands, resulting in becoming like a bladed spinning top in a way.
    • Soru "Grand Sparkling Daisy” (H) - Basically a more powerful version of Sparkling Daisy (originally used by Daz Bones) that utilizes Soru to lunge at the target at far greater speeds, thus creating a more powerful thrust.
    • Kamisori “Zig Zag Spar” (H) - While moving through the air with Kamisori in a zigzag pattern, the user slashes the target per zip with his/her hands.
    • Shin Rankayku (True Storm leg) (H) - While the leg(s) is in blade form, the user can unleash even sharper and deadlier air blades.This can also be applied with universal variations of Rankyaku (ie Rankyaku Sen, Rankyaku Ran, etc.).
    • Steel Shigan (H) - Using the blades inside the finger, the user’s shigan becomes with sharper then before.
    • Tobu Shigan "Spark bullet" (H) - Using the blades on both the thumb and Index fingers of his/her hand, the user flicks out an air bullet that is much sharped and deadlier than a usual tobu shigan.

    Plus I've added more techniques to the fruits that already on the list:

    1 for the Bara Bara no mi, making it a total of 4 so far:
    • Soru “Iron Long Arm Clothesline” - After taking off one arm and holding it with the other, the user charges at the enemy with soru with the arm in hand and right before hitting the target with both arms, he/she immediately hardens both limbs with Tekkai.

    5 for the Bane Bane no mi, making it a total of 8 so far:
    • Bane Shigan (Spring Bullet) (H) - After turning the two first knuckles of their index finger into a spring, the user releases it and delivers an enhanced Shigan with their fingertip.
      • Bane Tobu Shigan (Spring Flying Bullet) (HO) - The Tobu Shigan version of Bane Shigan. The user simply releases a much stronger long-range compressed air bullet.
    • Kami-e "Spring Dodge" - When unable to avoid an attack, the user combines their abilities with kami-e and, by turning all of their limbs into springs, becomes able to bend them in such a way that they can successfully dodge the attack.
    • Rankyaku "Spring Slash" (H) - A technique reminiscent of Rankyaku Sen. The user turns one of their legs into a spring, and then powerfully stomps the air in the direction of their opponent, causing it to be blasted in a straight line.
    • Rankyaku "Spring Fireworks" (H) - After launching themselves high in the sky by turning their legs into springs and with geppo, the user turns their legs back to normal and unleashes tens of tiny air blades that come raining down on the enemies.

    (Credit goes to Aloe Vera from OroJackson for coming up with these creative ideas for this particular fruit!)

    And finally, 1 for the Kilo Kilo no mi, making it a total of 31 so far:
    • Ichiman Kiro Rokuougan (10,000 kilo Six king Gun) (HHW)(H) - A incredibly powerful variation of Rokuougan where the user, right after aiming both fists downward on a target below him/her while both him and the user are in the air, makes his/her two fists go into the "10,000 Kilo kilo" state the EXACT moment (as in less than a split second) before the he/she unleashes the attack on the opponent, causing an internal shockwave that is many times greater and is so powerful that it causes a crater in the surface behind the target. This technique can be very difficult to pull off due to the exact timing of the DF activation that needs to occur in order for the technique to work properly.

    In speaking of the Kilo Kilo no mi movelist, I finally came up with a name for the Geppo "???" technique.....well, two names to be exact. I'm really having a hard time trying to pick which one so any help on which I should stick with would be appreciated:
    • Gemmu or Gebbu (Moon bounce/Moon Spring) (LBW) - After lightening the body below the user’s normal weight, the user then uses Geppo in conjunction with this to jump around the air at even greater speeds, heights, and distances.

    And that is it for now.
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