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Thread: Samurai Spirits

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    Default Samurai Spirits

    Behold! Not unlike Soul Calibur VI, SNK has done a semi-reboot of the series in a HD 2 and 1/2D format.

    And yes, it looks like they're going with the Japanese name for both sides of the pacific now.

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    omg, totally forgot the "new snk game" reveal was scheduled for today and...

    ... well, this made me happier than I could have expected. I mean, SS is one of my favorite game franchises ever, actually was my favorite for the longest time - my teen, early 20s -, so... yeah

    EDIT: I assumed this was a remake of the first game, but you can see Genjurou among the characters at 0:47. And weirdly, Wan-Fu and Gen'an are not included in that image.
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    Default Re: Samurai Spirits

    gimme that big damage, i gotta see Haohmaru take off half a health bar in one super

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    Default Re: Samurai Spirits

    Awesome to have a New Samurai Shodown Game :D

    Kamen Rider OOOs

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