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Thread: Matt Groening's Disenchantment

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    Yeah, in any long running show, characters are going to evolve, at least some of them will. What you see in Disenchantment now could change a lot in the next few years if it keeps going.

    Another example for me is American Dad. I didn't like the show in it's first season at all, but now I think it's definitely far superior to Family Guy.

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    Heck, the characters already changed a bit from the beginning of the season to the end (albiet Elfo is mostly just because I think the writers wrote themselves into a corner with his character). My only hope (and I presume we are getting this) is having more of the world expanded as I think there is a lot of creative possibilities with this universe through the Futurama team with more parodies mixed with legit world building.

    I hope they learned from their mistake with the weirdo pacing of the first season through the netflix format by giving us something more cohesive and episodic. It looks like this may be the case too with the characters all split up with various potential plot lines that may manifest which will give us a grander look at the world.

    Plus more villains please!

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