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Thread: Animation Fall 2018

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    Default Animation Fall 2018

    Here is the current line-up for upcoming fall animation:

    - Tsurune -Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-bu-
    - Radiant
    - Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
    - Gakuen Basara
    - Bakumatsu 〜Renai Bakumatsu Kareshi Gaiden〜
    - Kira Kira Happy ☆ Hirake! Kokotama
    - Bakutsuri-bar Hunter
    - Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi-tachi
    - Fairy Tail Final Series
    - Ingress
    - Gyakuten Saiban 〜Sono「Shinjitsu」, Igi Ari!〜 Season 2
    - Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
    - Uchi no Maid ga Uza Sugiru!
    - Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesumama。
    - Yagate Kimi ni Naru
    - Anima Yell!
    - Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san
    - Ulyssess Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi
    - Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
    - Toaru Majutsu no Index III
    - Sword Art Online Alicization
    - Ore Sukin Nanowa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Dewa Nai
    - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
    - Goblin Slayer
    - Souten no Ken Regenesis 2nd Cour
    - Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu II
    - Gurzeni Season 2
    - Golden Kamuy Season 2
    - Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2
    - Hinomaru Zumou
    - Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Ougon no Kaze
    - Karakuri Circus
    - Hangyaku-sei Million Arthur
    - Sora to Umi no Aida
    - Merc Storia -Mukiryoku Shounen to Bin no Naka no Shoujo-
    - Release the Spyce
    - Irozuku Sekai no Asu Kara
    - RErideD -Koku Koe no Derrida-
    - Double Decker! Doug & Kirill
    - Himote wa Usu
    - Zombieland Saga
    - SSSS.Gridman
    - Gaikotsu Shoten-in Honda-san
    - Conception
    - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master -Tokyo Youma-hen-
    - Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu。
    - Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan
    - Ken En Ken Aoki Kagayaki
    - Akuma-jou Dracula -Castlevania- Season 2

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Goblin Slayer, Jojo and Castlevania.

    Fairy Tail can go die in a shark's mouth.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Man, this is going to be a tough one, so much stuff I'm interested in watching.
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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Jojo, Hinomaru Zouno, Castelvania, and probably Dakaretai Otoko.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Reborn as a Slime, Goblin Slayer and Kamuy season 2 are the big ones here for me. Castlevania too

    Most of the rest are just see if they are good when airing or if people are talking about them.
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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Looking forward to Slime, Kamuy Season 2 and whatever Harem trash comes out that keep this industry alive.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Index III eeeeasily. The hype is in fact so big I am afraid the series cannot possibly live up to it. Will the final product be inferior? Will the adaption just skim through the novel content or will it perhaps be a double/tripe core season with proper content coverage? So many routes this one could take...
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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Goblin Slayer for sure.

    I'll have to look closer at the rest.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    SAO for trash watching. I've seen mentions of Karakuri Circus here and there and have been curious about it, so I'll be checking out that as well.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Besides every sequels of anime I've watched before (quite a lot), I'm looking forward to Hinomaru Zumou, Karakuri Circus and those anime by I.G. and Trigger (I always at least try whatever is coming from those studios).

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    I advise you to watch Radiant. It’s not just because the artist is French but also because it’s a great story every shonen reader will love

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    So ... Goblin Slayer left quite the impression with the first episode. I didn't know anything about it except that it's Dark Fantasy. And oh boy, yes it is dark. But i'm down with that.

    Trying some other shows here and there, also continuing Jojo and Golden Kamui. So far it seems like we will have an interesting season.

    Also ... who expected Zombieland Saga to be a freakin' Idol Show with Hououin Kyouma?? It's not really my genre but i'll give it a try.
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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Right now I've picked up Thunderbolt Fantasy 2 and Sword Art Online.

    Thunderbolt Fantasy is still fun, though the first two episodes are on par with season 1's more weaker stuff I guess. The new characters aren't as fun as the old cast yet.

    Sword Art Online is absolutely tolerable this time around. Even fanservice is minimal, even as the newest episode ended with a naked woman. It's like a pretty average, but well animated fantasy anime.

    Having read the start I knew this much, I'm just expecting it to completely fall of a cliff at a point. If it's actually alright across all of this, bravo. It's even a breath of fresh air to see Kirito actually struggle with something, though it will probably not matter at all.
    He actually doesn't know everything about the world he's in and that already makes it more interesting, too. Again, question is if it sticks and we actually see Kirito genuinely earn a victory, not just suddenly be good at what he needs to be good at.

    I will still try to get to Karakuri Circus as well, though looking up more about it, it might not be my thing.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Goblin Slayer episode 2. I don't like the opening and neither the voice they gave to Cow Girl. Shame.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Got 9 of these shows on my list.

    Goblin Slayer interests me and I wasn't turned off by the, admittedly eyebrow-raising first episode.

    My Sister My Writer makes me feel we are all gonna be apologizing to Eromanga-sensei by the time the years out.

    Golden Kamuy is still genius.

    Bunny Girl Senpai I think is gonna be my "feels" show this time around, it's been really solid so far.

    Slime looks like it's gonna be guilty fun, loving it as well.

    Double Decker is solid and it's great to have that Tiger and Bunny feel back once again.

    Uzamaid, Jeanne'd arc, and Conception have had solid first episodes and I'm interested to see how long they'll keep my attention.

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    I wasn't distracted by Lucy being half naked.

    You won this week Fairy Tail.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Really weak Fall season overall. Jojo is great as usual, Castlevania will probably be good (haven't watched it yet), Zombieland Saga was a neat little surprise so far and Kamui is okay. Compared to other Fall seasons years ago this is a huge downgrade though. I just want this dumb isekai trend to finally end.
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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Slime, JoJo and Golden Kamui and thats it somehow. Let's see how far Goblin Slayer goes with its edgycoolness. And I guess the Sumo show and the Vampire girl hooked me for now.

    Yeah, if it weren't for AoT and Golden Kamui this season would basically go over my head.
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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    I don't like how Goblin Slayer is cutting all the funny parts.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    It's not cutting out the comedic parts as much as cutting out all the fun, charming character expressions. Pretty disappointing, it's what really gave the world a personality.

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    Default Re: Animation Fall 2018

    Slime(which is fucking KILLING IT) and Zombie Land are the main ones for me with Neighborhood Vampire being my fluff. Still need to watch Bunny Senpai and a few others to make my full assessment.

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