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Thread: Font color compatibility on different board themes.

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    Default Font color compatibility on different board themes.

    Although I personally find it annoying and would rather it not be a thing, it is common for certain users to change their font face, size, and color. I can live with it, but there arises a problem when specific font colors dull the paragraph into the background of specific board themes. I myself use the CP9 theme for the convenience of the dark colors on the eyes, and it's very inconvenient having to highlight text when I shouldn't need to. I don't know how it can be achieve, but I really would like a fix.

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    Default Re: Font color compatibility on different board themes.

    The only fix is for people not to pick colors that clash with different themes. I mean theoretically it might be possible to hack code to check for colors and modify certain ranges if necessary, but that's not happening lol.

    How about you let users know when that happens to you? They're probably unaware.

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    Default Re: Font color compatibility on different board themes.

    Some of them are really annoying and hard to read. It literally hurts my eyes. Is it not enough that I have to wear glasses because of this online BS? Really, I'm not seeing that clear anymore because of the amount of time spent in front of my laptop. Anyway, back to fonts, leaving my frustrations aside, I hate salt life font, it's literally so hard to read. Why would you use this in your logo? Do you want to scare the clients away, lol? I've seen it on a friend's website but I couldn't tell him how horrible it looked because he's really proud of it.
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    Default Re: Font color compatibility on different board themes.

    Without going the easy route of taking away color changing capabilities from the users, we might be able to add an "auto-correct" feature to the new forum build. I'll keep this in mind.

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