Well, we don't really have a generic movie thread and I can't think of anywhere else to put this, so.... in the tradition of the manga section's "Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread"....

First trailer for the movie Alpha, from July 2017.

Dramatic action flik, some blood and violence, intense and clearly going for that now rare PG-13 market.

And now, trailer two from June 2018 a year later.

DIfferent music, different tone, much more lighthearted and kid friendly.

Methinks there's been some reshoots or heavy re-editing to this film.

(Doesn't matter, dog is going to die at the end and depress me so I'm not going to see it anyway. (But you'll be uplifted because he had cubs!)

Still, interesting to see such a different pair of trailers. I haven't seen something this jarring since Racing Stripes... where the original trailer just looked like a cheesy old Disney feel good movie, and the second added in CG taking flies that rapped, one of them voiced by David Spade.