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Thread: JUMP FORCE (2019 Video Game)

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    Kaiba from Yu☆Gi☆Oh! joins Jump Force.

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    If there is any move that doesn't involve Blue Eyes White Dragon, then I say what is the point?


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    Probably it will be an expansion on what was distilled from JUS: the virus card, blue eyes, and taking over Yugi's obelisk attack.

    Yugi's moveset is mostly dark magician as a stand, with dark magician girl and slifer being it's specials, and some magic/trap cards in his "draw" attack, so kaiba will probably get the blue eyes dragon (small form, like during the millenium arc on the manga, as it was like horse sized there), the 3 headed version and Obelisk as specials, and some of his trap cards as a "draw" attack like yugi.
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