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Thread: JUMP FORCE (2019 Video Game)

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    Picollo/Trunks as the leaders,
    Canonically speaking I don't know of any instance where either of these two were leaders.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    I've often wondered about that myself; seems like being supported by people who only want you there so the world can end in fire (with you going to Hell in the process) would be somewhat off-putting
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    You are right. Vegeta was the one who took charge to end Buu. I was thinking when Picolo took over the training of Gotenks, that failed completely.
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    No Toriko, Hitman Reborn or Beelzebub! I'm not buying!!

    ....... okay technically I wasn't gonna buy it anyway I just wanted to vent my frustration

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    Watching the TFS play, they comment a thing, the fact that they constantly call it the "J-Force", the umbra cubes being "cosmic cubes" in the original, and the whole premise of "a peace keeping force". This is Jump trying to be Marvel.

    Also the fact that your avatar is a mary sue.
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    Just as Light walked around as Middle Management of the base, Soma, the Sket Dan or the Bakuman duo could have been there with their oddly proportioned avatars giving sidequests, or the gauntlet of Sports and Romance series of Jump could have handled some minigames.

    If this was a game for celebrating Jump, instead of a game for trying to steal Marvel's thunder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxterdexter View Post
    The strawhats work because Luffy surrounded himself with capable people, Naruto needed a giant war, and like 10 years to be ready to lead, and Goku... <shudders>.
    Quote Originally Posted by maxterdexter View Post
    and Yugi who unless people agrees to the game he's kind of just a dude playing cards
    What a nice way to put it... lol. Yugi is still half Pharao though...

    Since my PC is way to old for this kind of stuff (plus it being expensive as hell) and the last anime/manga fighting game I played was DBZ Budokai 2 more than a decade ago on my PS2: are there games worth playing it which would run with Steam on win 7, phenom II x4 965, radeon r9 270x, 4gb RAM? All this fuzz about JF kind of cheered me up...
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    Man, I would gladly pay 60 dollars for a Jump crossover game with a starting roster of EIGHT if only the game-play was addictive and deep. It matters so much to me. I hope one day that someone figures out a way to take Arena fighters to the next level. I feel like Tenkaichi got the ball rolling, then Ninja Storm took the baton in the right direction by eliminating split-screen, but there's yet to be another good advance in the sub-genre.


    edit: I forgot Pokken. No split screen and a fusion of arena and 3D was a good idea, and might be the way to go.

    tangent: one thing I'd like to see in 2D, 3D, and arena, would be the elimination of the life-bar (and energy-bar).
    I believe that not knowing exactly when your fighter was going to give out, would add tension. You'd keep track of how they were doing, simply through observation - wounds, heavy breathing, sweating, etc - and as you fought and used bigger and bigger attacks, your fighter would slowly get weaker and slower.
    The median/Mario/Ryu of your game would have to eat THREE strong attacks before they were defeated. The tank characters, 4 or 5, and the weaker ones, only 2.
    There would be no energy bar as previously stated, so if you used a "ultimate attack" or something like that at the beginning of the fight, it would do full damage, but if you attempted it when you were barely standing, it would be a weakened version that came out especially slowly.
    ending the tangent for now
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