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Thread: Football: 2018 World Cup

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    Default Re: Football: 2018 World Cup

    Holy freakin' shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carrot's still never gonna join the crew.

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    Default Re: Football: 2018 World Cup

    KROOOOOOOS! You beautiful bastard!!!

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    Default Re: Football: 2018 World Cup

    I feel bad for those gorgeous Swedish chicks crying from the stands though.
    And the referee didn't give Sweden the penalty they deserved after all

    As for Germany, well--- that last goal was nicely executed. They're surviving, but they'll be kicked out of the cup if they keep playing like this

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    Default Re: Football: 2018 World Cup

    Daaaaamn, what drama! And what a tremendous goal from Kroos, absolutely beautiful! I hope to see Germany vs Brazil in the last 16, revenge of the 7-1
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    Default Re: Football: 2018 World Cup

    its kinda frustating that having won 2 matches Mexico can still be eliminated.
    next matches are gonna be fire, Mexico vs Sweden and Germany vs S-Korea. positive thing, Mexico only has one goal against so far.

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