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Thread: Football: 2018 World Cup

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    I was rooting for Tunisia all along. But I noticed from the start that their defense was fuzzy. Especially during corner kicks, there was often a gap in the defense

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    Football's coming home lads! Sorry everyone else gonna go and give Belgium a thumping next week, breeze through the knockouts and Kane's gonna snatch the golden boot. It's set in stone.

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    Did Japan just beat Colombia?


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    Nippon banzai! When you play against 10 men for around 90 minutes, you're kinda expected to beat your opponents

    On a different note... Senegal is beating Poland 2-0 with 2 of the weirest goals I've ever seen in World Cups. Definitely the weirdest ones of this edition.
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    Russia's been the biggest surprise for me so far. Not only are they basically guaranteed a last 16 spot, they're also scoring goals galore. That run will most likely come to an end once they meet a good opponent in the last 16/8 but it's kinda cool to witness while it's lasting.

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    as for Russia, I believe their surprising road is coming to an end with Uruguay, and a full stop when they face either Spain or Portugal.
    Japan beating Colombia wow, and Senegal winning too, I really want an African country to pass the next fase

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