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    I guess I'll start here. I started watching One Piece at the end of last year (2017). My brother in law who lives with me was watching it and i would catch pieces here and there. After he got through the marineford arc i had to start the adventure myself. I am now currently in Punk Hazard on my own time but I've watched a lot of the current episodes and generally know most of what has happened in the anime (however he still won't tell me about sanjis backstory). Anyway I've become obsessed and my obsession led me to needing my One Piece fix at work. That's when i found the one piece podcast. I now binge listen to it while at work (im currently listening to episode 87 of the podcast) and to finally get to the point, that's how I ended up here.

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    Always prospecting where to get your next dosage of OP goodness....a habit most of us have in common.
    Feel right at home here, but please keep in mind our regulations on how much OP should be consumed a day to still keep a healthy lifestyle.
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    Hello, welcome to AP. Enjoy your stay. ^_^
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    ^Feel free to add me on either^

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