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Thread: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

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    Default The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    With the last chapter concluding the Whole Cake Island or Totland arc we can now look at it as a whole and see how it holds up in comparison to other One Piece arcs that came before it.

    For me it was a kinda weird arc. I have fallen out of One Piece a bit in this arc, only really skimming through the chapters some weeks. Some parts of it I would say are just general fatigue of being such a big fan for many years as well as getting more interested in other shows, however I can also argue that some stuff in the arc just did not click that well with me.

    But first of some pros:
    • Big Mom herself was a great anatagonist. It is rare for One Piece to have a main bad guy, who is not all evil (in their own arc at least) and she also had an interesting backstory to boot.
    • Some, if not most, members of her family and crew are also really cool and Oda went wild with their designs. I particularly enjoy Mont-d'Or, Perospero and Yuen.
    • A total standout character this arc was Bege. I never would have expected that from all Supernovae, Oda would give this guy so much to do. Him and his crew had some of the best moments in Whole Cake Island and were interestingly enough an actual morally grey faction, which was nice to see. The whole assassination plan might have been my favorite part of the arc.
    • While it was short, I also enjoyed the scene Pound's "death". His little interaction with Pez was really cute.
    • Art-wise Whole Cake Island was a real treat. There were some very nice spreads and as mentioned before we got some really cool designs, shoutout also to the wedding party guests.
    • Luffy's battle with Katakuri was one of the best final fights of the manga imo. Katakuri in general is also a character I can say only good things about for the most part.

    Now to the more negative parts:
    • This arc was dumped full with characters and with it now being at it's end I have to wonder: why? Sury, Dressrosa was in a similar spot, however even if it was little, I remember most characters there had at least something to do. I see that Oda wanted to show the scope of a Yonkou's crew by showing off so many big shots, but let them at least do something instead of just teasing some cool powers. Bobbin, Brownie, Cinnamon...the list could go on and on. And it's not even a problem with just the Big Mom Pirates, but what was the point of Drug Peclo, Umit and Giberson? Even some characters we already knew prior to the events on Totland kinda got shafted. Tamago's beef with Pedro ended not very satisfying and Carrot's inclusion felt rather superflous at the end.
    • The Vinsmoke Family and Sanji's additional flashback fell pretty flat for me. The latter especially felt very tacked on and very shallow, and the Vinsmokes were just so uninteresting. For being hyped up much we did not get to see them do much, with how their powers work being very unclear. They kinda got a bit better after getting saved (with some cool panels), but I am still not a fan - especially of the boys. It's a bit of a shame, since I expected more from the plotline, with "Mr. Prince" at least accidently foreshadowing since Alabasta, however what we got was them being one-note bad guys and Sanji being the most nice person ever in the whole history of everything!!11
    • Pudding's turn to good because Sanji complimented her eyes also was very weak.
    • Generally, the arc jumped around a bit too much. Worst offender was the skipping of Luffy & Nami finding out Cracker's weakness, but Katakuri being Luffy's main obstacle while getting introduced about halfway into the arc also tells a lot. The other Straw Hats also suffered quite a bit because of that.
    • Charlotte Flampe.
    So, overall I can't say that Whole Cake Island is among my favorite arcs. What's good about it though, is actually very good, so in the end I also don't hate it. It was just okay overall, I guess.

    So, what's your opinion of Whole Cake Island in it's entirety?

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    Definitely a flawed, but enjoyable arc. Big Mom is definitely one of my favorite characters now, and her family was just full of cool characters and great designs. I agree with the OP that Flampe was pretty annoying and that skipping a major section of the Cracker fight was a mistake. (I also really didn't care for Cracker's *real* design, and strongly preferred his six-armed self). I disagree that there were too many named pirates on Big Mom's side because I liked that her forces felt thought out and well-populated.

    I enjoyed every flashback (Big Mom, Sanji) and sweet moment (Pound and Pez, the whole last chapter).

    I enjoyed the Seducing Woods and I enjoyed the wedding crashing scene, Big Mom on the Sunny, and Luffy's big duel.

    Like Count Mario (and others) have said, the cooking sequence could have been spiced up.

    Bege, Caesar/Gastino, Carrot, Pekoms, Pedro, Jinbe - all of these characters brought it with some degree of consistency for me.

    The only SH who consistently did nothing for me - the Smoothie of *our* side - was definitely Chopper.

    GERMA 66 sucks. Just really lame.

    Tottoland is one of the best locations in the whole series.
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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    It was a fun arc filled with memorable moments, but it ended with an empty conclusion. There are too many loose threads.

    Character development was very well done for new characters like Pudding, Katakuri and Bege, but it left behind any real change or development for the supposed protagonist of the arc; Sanji. Overall, he did what he always does and we don't really learn anything more to him other than what we already know. His history as a 'prince of assassins' changed nothing; his new cake saving everyone from Big Mom's wrath changed nothing, and his attitude towards the Strawhats and those around him did not change at all. The only flaw in his character was deciding to leave the Straw Hat crew expecting them not to follow, which I felt was completely out of character and I felt was a cheap plot device to introduce conflict with the Vinsmokes and Big Mom Pirates. The entire resolution felt hollow, especially with no one knowing Sanji made the cake, and Sanji himself not knowing about the kiss with Pudding. The only resolution we have with his character is his confrontation with his family and having him mirroring Zeff's actions, regarding him as a true father figure.

    As for the arc itself, I feel like we need time to evaluate how the arc fits in with the rest of the series. There is a lot of setup and we're still waiting to see the payoff.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    I enjoyed most of the arc, but here are a few complaints of mine:

    Smoothie: Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick, what an utter disappointment of a character. At this stage, I fully believe her bounty is actually supposed to be 92,000,000, but someone messed it up and that's why she was made a Sweets Commander.

    The Vinsmokes: I'm sorry Oda, you can give them as many cool poses and stuff as you want, but the men were vile thugs who deserve to die at Big Mom's hands and She's nice and all, but she felt static.

    Chopper: Come on, Oda. You gave Nami and Brook cool things to do, why did you make poor Chopper a side-kick to Carrot? He can do cool things, too!

    Jinbei not leaving the crew: That's a cocktease and a half, and you know it, you bastard.

    The mid-cake bake lag: When it being made, it did kinda feel like things got slogged down there for a while.

    Ch. 901's switcheraoo: It didn't feel believable and was kind of a cliff hanger for the sake of it.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    I loved this arc, favorite post time-skip, maybe top 5 overall. One thing that this arc has over every other, is the strongest middle section. A lot of One Piece arcs have strong openings and/or strong endings, but this one by far I felt had the strongest halfway point, being the wedding and Linlin flashback. I agree with most of the points in the first post, but I actually liked Sanji's new backstory for the most part. My biggest issue with arc is easily the wasted potential, so many characters ended up under-utilized. I simultaneously wish that they each did more, but at the same time I'm disappointed we didn't even get introduced to all of them. But so many impactful moments throughout the arc, some amazing character moments and development, some great world building revelations (Luffy vs Sanji, everything about Katakuri, Brook Nami Jimbe Capone Pedro all MVP - sorry Chopper - , Pudding twists -while confusing- I ultimately came to love it in the end, we saw Elbaph, Sulong, the musical songs, skinny Big Mom terror, etc.) . The anime is doing a great job fleshing out the fights and skipped content, so I'm enjoying that as well. This certainly is not the end of any of these characters. The line this chapter "Who Won?" is perfect, because every team ended losing and gaining something. Cant wait to see some of loose end characters again (Pekoms, Caesar, Zeus, Chiffon) though I do wish more concepts got fully explored (What is Reiju's fruit, what's the deal with Judge and Caesar, Smoothie's power, Germa's technology, Sanji's Diable Jambe, Snack and Compote)
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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    What I Loved.

    1. The design and style of Big Mom and her crew. Different from the usual Oda fair. Frankly the entire art for this arc was some of Oda's best.

    2. Big Mom herself, she took a bit to get there, but she really made it clear she was an Emperor of the sea alright, and that flashback is legit good.

    3. Jinbe showing up

    4. Luffy and Sanji's conversation

    5. Carrot and the mink transformation

    6. Sanji's second flashback

    What I didn't like

    1. The extended forest scene

    2. The bullshit fakeouts

    3. The fact that this arc was extended about 20 chapters too long. (Seriously, we could be well into Wano now, and not missed anything of real consequence)

    4. Fan hype over Katakuri. (He's a lesser Lucci at best)

    5. Jinbe blueballs

    Overall I'll give the arc a 3.5 out of 5. Pretty much par the course in what I expect from Oda. Great amazing highs, with some slogging middles. Zou reminded me that Oda can still pull off mean and lean arcs, but in Full Cake he seemed to fall back into the Dressrosa trap, though not nearly as much, and I expect Wano to be just more of the same.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    Honestly, that was one of the best arcs overall for me. It had most of the stuff I wanted - a focus on the crew rather than 20 different factions, Sanji not being as awful as he's been these past several years, a whimsical setting, plot over fights, crazy cool character designs including more varied females, and the crew actually struggling. It hit a lot of my personal check boxes.

    Character wise, this arc has been amazing. I get why some people would dislike Pudding for settling on good instead of evil, but I thought there were more than enough hints to make it clear that would be the case. She's funny when evil, but also very stock character. She's much more interesting and dynamic the way she turned out. I also went into this arc jokingly wishing they'd just ditch Sanji, but he actually proved to be pretty bearable. He had plenty of moments from fighting with his family early in the arc to bringing Luffy his meal to making that cake. I liked that it didn't revolve around fights, makes things way more interesting and keeps him well rounded. Then there's Germa, who I found pretty cool. I'm surprised so many people here hate them, but even the Vinsmoke brothers showed a little development with the banter toward the end. Judge was great at thoroughly being a dick. And I like Reiju for being a weird mix of callous and kind. Then of course I loved pretty much everyone else from the Charlotte family to Bege's gang to the underworld guys. Basically everyone but Jinbe who I can't stand, but I'll admit that wave scene was pretty sweet.

    And gotta say that this has been the most emotionally satisfying arc in a long time. Seeing Sanji get betrayed by Pudding like that was harsh (deserved, but harsh). It was sweet seeing the Straw Hats go to those lengths to reunite with him, and how he still cared enough to save his family. Then we also get stuff like Chiffon's subplot about leaving Tottoland, and it was nice seeing Bege reciprocate her love (as opposed to Praline and Aladine which so far seems one-sided). Carrot's freaking over Pedro's sacrifice was good too - I like Carrot, she gets way too much flack due to a certain crowd, but on her own she's really enjoyable. The Big Mom flashback was pretty devestating - imagine if the people special to you just disappeared like that. I mean yeah she ate them but she isn't aware of that, so it's sad that she's still heartbroken by it decades later. I kinda feel bad for her. Kinda, she's still a terrible person. And of course the Pudding stuff was emotionally crippling. She gets bullied to the point of putting up an evil side as a defense mechanism and to please her mom, but Big Mom just thinks of her as a tool. Pudding isn't happy there. And she finally meets the person who appreciates her and brings out her real self, only for him to leave while she sobs in an alleyway. It's heartbreaking.

    Some people don't like the downer ending to the arc, but I find it refreshing. It breaks status quo, I don't like arc-end parties that are completely out of place like with Punk Hazard. The way it ended, sure, it discredits Sanji's cake somewhat, though it did save Tottoland and please Big Mom. Who knows, maybe that'll work in their favor eventually. And yeah, Germa and the Sun Pirates got screwed in the end, but I like that they couldn't leave a yonko territory without serious consequences. I'm only sad that we may have to wait a long ass time to see where that goes. Maybe if we're lucky there will be a cover story during Wano showing some of what went down. Anything would be better than a Doflamingo pirates cover story.

    As for stuff I dislike, it's pretty minimal. I thought Sanji's past resembled Robin's a bit much. The whole arc resembled EL too much at first really, though it became its own thing thankfully. Did not care for Pound at all. His role, sure, but I didn't like him personally. 901 was terrible. Chopper coulda been more useful.
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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    Did nami aquire Zeus? Did she?

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland


    That's all that needs to be said.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    I remember ups and downs, mostly ups, but most of the downs towards the end and fresher in my mind. Overall the most enjoyable storyline since the timeskip, and definitely high ranking among One Piece stories in general. I also remember some of the most bitter and toxic fan responses I've ever seen in my years of following the series, both here and on other sites, over the last few months, which was very disappointing. Very tiring.

    I plan to reread the whole Tottoland Saga over the next week or two and write up a full retrospective based on that. I'm actually quite looking forward to going over it all again and seeing how the volume read affects the latter half of the arc.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    I'm positively amazed by the WCI arc. Well done, Oda, well done!

    To be honest, after my disappointment with Punk Hazard and Dressrosa (and even FI had its fair share of problems), I started doubting that Oda could deliver another great lengthy arc, but I'm so glad that my pessimism didn't come true. Above all else, it's surprising how refreshing and unconventional Totland was for this series, not only because of its fascinating setting, but also the mood, the structure, the pay offs, the characters, the themes, almost everything was a revelation. We got weddings, stealthy missions, adventures, a huge escape at sea (finally!) and some really weird stuff. To top all that, Oda was absolutely brilliant when it comes to visual narrative with such strong presentation of his art style, panel sequencing, page layout, atmosphere, weather composition, character's expressions and designs, beautiful big scenes, locations, sea battles, even a lot of musicals. Lots and lots of creativity in the details too. This arc is candy to the eyes and showcases great mastery of the manga format. Kudos to Oda!

    Even the most criticized setion of this arc, this whole escape-from-Totland situation, was very well handled by Oda, in my opinion. Sure, it could have been better here and there and maybe slightly shorter, but that's not to disregard how much fun it was. What kept it intriguing for me is how unusual (and exciting) were the solutions for most of the dangers that the Strawhats had to overcome, like Pedro sacrificing himself and then surfing tsunamis and then Sulong Carrot and then stalling a Yonkou that had landed on the Sunny. Meanwhile, we've got one of the best fights in One Piece, period, with Luffy vs Katakuri. However, on a less excting note, Oda was very avarage in his presentation of the process of baking the Cake and the SanPu situation, although he finally delivered it for me by the time we got to the resolution of these subplots (chapters 900 and 902). Taking everything into account, for all that I care about, the only terrible sin that Oda's commited in this entire section of WCI was the deceiving cliffhanger from chapter 900... oh man, we could have left Totland without that lame trickery.

    That said, I love the ending of WCI and I wouldn't say that the title "Bad End Musical" (chap. 900) is misleading after we got the "End Roll" (chap. 902). Not only chapter 902 was a great read, emotionally wrapping up so much of what's happened in this arc, the bittersweet aftertaste is very appropriate and welcome to the story. All things considered, great ending that addressed all the things that should have been resolved in this arc while lefting plenty of loose ends for the second act against Big Mom.

    Regarding structure, I appreciate how the plot was very well organized throuthout the storyline despite having so much to tell about some many different characters. Each day in Totland was centered around a different plot point, so nothing in particular was dragging forever, but rather resolving soon enough for us to move to the next main event. Day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4, each had its own flavour and emotions attached to it. Of course, some may complain about pacing here and there, but I wouldn't say that's a problem of structure.

    ~~ My first highlight is about how much this arc was character focused. ~~

    On the Strawhats' side, we got great emotional investment coming from Sanji, Luffy, Nami, Jimbe and Carrot. While Sanji was the central character in this arc (and so much can be said about his portrayal in a more focused review), Nami was a really pivotal character for the emotional input of the events that developed in the first half of this arc: back at Zou, she was the most supportive of Sanji's decision to sacrifice himself, but then Nami was the one that took the blow heavier than anyone else when Sanji turned out against them, promising to not forgive him altough being happy that he was back. That's exactly why I see her in the last two pages of chapter 902 as the most distant character from Sanji while everyone else is flattering him, because she's not confortable yet with his reintegration in the crew as if nothing happened, as if Sanji hadn't beat up Luffy. Talking about Luffy, he had plenty of memorable moments, from his hunger strike to his answer to Judge that he was listing all the Sanji's best traits. As for Jimbe and Carrot, I don't need to mention of what I'm talking about.

    On the Big Mom's side, oh man, isn't this the best antagonist group in the entirety of One Piece? While some characters were absolutely amazingly depicted, like Big Mom herself and Katakuri, a lot of others were really meaningful to the narrative and gave us a really great understandment of the family, like Pudding, Chiffon, Brle, Perospero and Mont D'or. Even the least proeminent siblings had just really great designs, very charming and captivating. Overall, this pirate crew is much more than its individuals, but a great presentation of the dynamics of a group, with such an enourmous family that lives together, that have major internal problems, but also love each other (in some cases) while having an unhinged mother to look up to.

    Even the third parties were also fairly interesting. The Vinsmokes, Capone, Sun Pirates, the brokers of the underworld, all of them had their roles to play and did it satisfactorily. I've developed a clear affection with many of these characters even if for the most superfluous reasons.

    ~~ My second highlight is the portrayal of the themes in this story arc. ~~

    The conceptual theme of WCI is family, because every major plot point in this arc has something to do with how the characters relate to their families, inhiriting or rejecting their ideologies, from Sanji to the Charlottes. By the way, anyone willing to make an analysis of Sanji's character development in this arc should look at everything under the lens of family, the first half reflecting his emotional distress of being surrounded/threatened by his blood family, then the second presenting him following the teachings of his adoptive father, Zeff. So even the cake plot had something meaningful to say about the theme of this arc.

    The visual theme of WCI is food, of course. Wedding cakes, food islands, people with food names, food powers, the main character of this arc being a chef... everything! Awesome.

    That's my review for now. :)
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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    It was...alright. Just okay. Not too bad, but not exactly one of my favorites either. I really mostly enjoyed the introduction and wedding chapters the most if I'm honest. We knew the stakes, the setting was hostile, wasn't surprised Luffy lost with the BMPs, the moments Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Jimbei and Brook in the mirror world were fun as was the Firetank meeting, the lead up to the wedding and BM's flashback as well. But once it was past that point, I was already weary once we got past the wedding and was expecting the climax to at least take about five to seven chapters. But once they talked about time limits I was like "Ooooh no".

    Yes, it's a shake up to the status quo in that it isn't a complete victory for the SH (losing Pedro, Pekoms and having to postpone Jimbei joining provided he survives Big Mom) but that chase part just seemed to drag forever. A majority on this was all on that dumb cake which seem utterly pointless in the long run unless the BMP find out Sanji was indeed the one to make it, Whoopee Sanji saved an enemy territory. And? I don't see the benefit to this other then showing how uber his cooking skills and pride as a chef are. Likewise why couldn't the Germa 66 at least help during the sea travel rather then coming to show up at the tail end of the arc? That at least would've felt more significant in trying to project Sanji or the cake. I didn't feel anything when they showed up near AFTER everything was said and done. Judge and his brothers still don't see much worth in him and they just felt like a walking deus ex that was waiting for their cue. Lastly while I did enjoy Katakuri, the problem I had with the fight, and Cracker's now that I think about it, is that it stays in the same location and doesn't feel like it's progressing, very static. A better climax should've had them fighting around the islands via the mirror powers before finally coming back to the mirror world. Least in Enies Lobby all of that fight was portrayed in a short time frame and the Buster Call gave a sense of urgency. Here it just feels like padding to keep the climax going for as long as possible. Didn't even seem like Luffy got a handle on his Observation Haki, just got throttled for a good portion before remembering "Oh right I have a move that can help in this case". And if he did, I certainly didn't see it as it was way too vague in the final moments of the fight. Yes I'm impressed by his tenacity for such a long length of time but he kinda already proved that before he even got Haki. Heck Film Z feels like it did this better.

    But I digress, despite my complaints, the majority was still enjoyable. The setting, alot of the Big Mom Pirates and how despite their twisted view least act like a family, seeing some of the character development with Sanji as well as Pudding (brief as her time was), the time with the Firetanks (never thought I'd be a Bege fan but he won me over, kudos on them managing to escape even at the loss of their original ship), the fact that this showed that the crew still got ways to go before handling the big threats that they'll inevitably face down the line, and yes I do agree for the fact that this is more personal in a sense for the SH then Dressrosa where they were only there because Luffy agreed to a whim and how the (pardon the pun) tide kept going back at forth between both parties where it indeed felt like things could go either way. I legit could not predict most of the outcomes of this arc. Granted they weren't all great but it kept me guessing and kept things interesting.

    If I had to give it a grade, C- at best. Like I said, it was just a good read but not an arc I'll be re-reading anytime soon.
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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    This arc never seemed to go as ANYONE expected. I remember back in 2016 when I thought the Germa would be the villains that the Straw Hats would fight and beat while Big Mom would be a bigger scope villain, lol. And how in 2016 when people were thinking that this was gonna feel like a Thriller Bark and later an Enies Lobby rehash, only for it to tell a story that no One Piece arc has really done. The biggest correct prediction was Greg's cake one and even he wasn't expecting everything that came with that. Some of the new paths worked, others didn't.

    I have a lot on my plate right now so I don't really have the time to formulate an overarching opinion of this arc. And whatever I think about it now, two days after its last chapter came out, will probably not be what I think about it a few years from now. But I do want to specifically mention the wedding and all the escape that came after that. Where some people saw pacing problems, I saw Oda finally being able to tell a story without relying on so many goddamned shortcuts. The first half of the arc was fraught with them, such as the Cracker fight and chaps. 851-854, which drastically undercut a lot of tension, but after that it actually felt like a natural sequence of events that flowed well, truly displayed the might of the Yonko, and hammered in consequences for the future, which I'm not sure a lot of people were really expecting from an arc that initially seemed to be focused on infiltration and family issues and had an event that was expected to be the climax, but wasn't, and instead created a spiral of events that will definitely have significant impact in the future. Not that it was perfect - I outlined in the official thread a few months ago how the buildup to the real climax felt wonky and how there were some unnecessary scenes (like Nuts Island) - but if Oda unfolds Wano the way he unfolded the last part of this arc, then Wano should be quite the story. One final little thing I liked about the last part of this arc was how a lot of it took place on the Sunny and gave a unprecedented taste of naval combat, which I really hope Oda continues and develops in Wano Country.
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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    This arc was a little too long for what it did and it left too many open plots, and the only real gain is the poneglyph copy, but how they set bm pirates to return, they could get it then. They did get sanji, but for that they lost jimbei and his crew, sanji's family, pound, capone pirates, pedro, pekoms. It was a good training arc for luffy, and also for nami that got a power up, but not really for everyone else. And the cake that delayed the arc for 30 chapters did help some but also got more in trouble at the end, so it did more harm then good.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    Just finish catching up after stopping reading One Piece right before this arc, I am very happy with this arc. It feels like pre timeskip arc for the most part.
    I am nervous at first before starting to read this arc because of so many opposite opinions from the fanbase from this forums and couple other forums. But turn out, i am really enjoying this arc. Yes, it still has some issues or the stuffs like all the arcs after strawhat split up at Shabaody Arc that i don't like, for example, many part that feel rush or skip where they were just told in characters dialogues or exposition.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    To me it was alright.

    Was nice to have Beige fleshed out; now I got a good feel of his character, and was able to get some enjoyment out of the interactions with him. For instance, now towards the end, it was so like him to suggest putting bombs/poison in the cake, but when he tried it he just couldn’t do it. That was funny. Also enjoyed the effect milk had on Luffy and Brook.

    But there is a lot of nitpicking I could go on with. At least there weren’t any string clones nor energy steroids to ruin the arc for me completely. Definitely had too much of those fake outs/twists. ”Pudding is nice. OR IS SHE?! She is bad! OR IS SHE?!Actually, she is misunderstood and bullied by her family”. Or is she?! Yeah probably the latter. The ship being switched out was complete bs as well.

    Overall I had fun, like I tend to have with One Piece. Alas the arc had plenty of things that was not pleasing to me.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    Overall, I would say this was a pretty good arc. We found out that Sanji was taken by Big Mom and his family for a forced marriage. Everyone was talking about how this arc was gonna be Sanji's redemption for his complete uselessness since the time skip. But to me Sanji didn't advance in anyway, he is still the same useless loser that hasn't been able to do anything to benefit the Straw Hats since the time skip. To me there are three main things that stand out about this arc: 1) Jinbe joining the Straw Hats; 2) Brook getting the poneglyph and breaking the picture of Mother Caramel; 3) Luffy beating Dogtooth 1v1 with no help from any Straw Hats or anyone at all. After he beat Doflamingo everyone said he couldn't have done it alone, even when he beat Cracker he had some help from Nami. Now he beat someone stronger than both of them and he did without help from anyone. Proving that while he does value and depend on his crew and friends for help at times, that when it comes to fighting he can still find a way to defeat the strongest of opponents himself, as he has done through out most of the series. To me Jinbe, Brook, and Luffy were the stars of this arc, Sanji was there.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    Definitely one of my most favorite arcs together with Alabasta and Skypiea. And a much needed refresher after the overbloated mess that was Dressrosa.

    -Number 1 definitely the best pirate crew in the world: The Charlotte family with my number one most favorite Yonko in the world: Charlotte Linlin.
    I loved everything about them. The character designs, the sibling interactions, their simple overpowering might. Linlin's presence and cunning nature together with the most naive dream. Her flashback with Mother Carmel is one of my most favorite ones. And Perospero is my most favorite child of Big Mom. CP9 and the Thriller Bark crew might be the only other through and through amazing group of enemies.
    -So many epic moments for the Straw hats to shine: Especially Brook and Nami just had so many moments to shine.
    -Totland itself with the different islands, all the random homies, and the truly diverse crowd. I'm afraid everything afterwards will just feel dull in comparison.
    -The brokers with special shoutout to Stussy and Morgans to further elaborate on the world of One Piece.
    -Some very special and extremely memorable scenes: the starving crew early on, the Sanji-Luffy fight, the stealing of the Porngelyphs, the sacrifice of Pedro, the ENTIRE wedding, pushing burning Big Mom from the Sunny, the Katakuri Fight, the Linlin flashback, all the songs, Sanji finding the brutally beaten servant, the plotting of the assassination, pound's sacrifice, carrot's transformation, the entire navy battle, chapter 900 and chapter 902, Lady Amande cutting Kingbaum. And I might have forgotten more.
    - I literally love Pekoms, bagged Brulee and Caesar. The more of them the better!
    - pacing is so much better than in Dressrosa. God, was that a horrible mess of an arc

    - I didn't hate the forest chapters unlike many here apparently, but thinking back, it wasn't that memorable
    - Oda didn't really do the best job to individualize the Vinsmoke children. I can't tell who is Niji, Ichiji or Yonji.
    - I will scream if Pedro, Pound or Opera turn out alive.
    - I realized Jinbei has epic scenes but I just don't care about him that much really. He is like pre timeskip Franky to me right now. Just there.

    - The entire Sanji flashback is really really meh, and most of the Vinsmoke stuff didn't impress me too much in what would otherwise be the PERFECT arc.
    - some characters were really underused. I still don't get why Oda decided to bring carrot along. Sure, Su Long forms are awesome, but you could have the same result with Pedro or Pekoms, both could have introduced the concept, and both were actually integral to the story. Compote did literally nothing, Smoothie is a meme now and characters like Amande and Randolph felt extremely underutilized. Although I have a feeling, that the defeat of the undefeated will happen whenever the Strawhats clash with the Big Mom pirates again.
    - Deus ex Machinas: how did Pekoms enter the Mirrorworld? Switching the ships. It's more of a minor negative point, because at this point you kinda expect those weird deus ex machinas.
    - Moscato is alive............................................. ...................... But I guess he only lost 40 years of his life, so that could explain it.
    - the chasing of the Cake took too long, although there wasn't really a chapter in itself there, that felt bad. it's just too long.

    Generally, I loved most everything about the arc. Linlin for Pirate Queen

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    I consider this to be the best New World, and honestly one of the better arcs in the series. There's all sorts of things I loved about this arc, but the main highlight is the Charlotte Family. My word, easily the best group villains/antagonists we've had in the entirety of the series as far as I'm concerned. I honestly wonder how the Beast Pirates can match, much less top them. And of course, it goes without saying that Katakuri was a particularly amazing character. Even better is that the arc left several loose ends, meaning we'll get to see them again in a big way in the future I reckon.

    Quote Originally Posted by fuzi11 View Post
    - I will scream if Pedro, Pound or Opera turn out alive.
    Not that it'd justify it, but I'm fine with Opera coming back, because it'd just be the same method they used to bring Moscato back.

    Randolph felt extremely underutilized
    Honestly, the only Homies that mattered were Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon as far as combat goes. It'd be nice if for the next time we meet her, she actually shows off some genuinely formidable homies, especially with her implying that her soul-stealing ability is similar to Moriah's.

    - Deus ex Machinas: how did Pekoms enter the Mirrorworld?
    I came to the conclusion that this is likely due to him entering through Brulee's house. Half of it is positioned within the Seducing Woods, while the other half rests inside the Mirror World. The Seducing Woods are in Whole Cake Island, which is where Pekoms is. As a long-time member who'd know where things are, it's completely plausible that that within the timeframe that he was curiously absent, he used her house in order to enter the Mirror World.

    I still don't get why Oda decided to bring carrot along. Sure, Su Long forms are awesome, but you could have the same result with Pedro or Pekoms, both could have introduced the concept, and both were actually integral to the story.
    Maybe Oda has a long-term plan for her...

    Moscato is alive............................................. ...................... But I guess he only lost 40 years of his life, so that could explain it.
    Literally the chapter after he died, Mont D'Or told BM's Incarnation Homies to pick up "every last second" of his lifespan. Since then, many theorized that he was definitely coming back, that it is possible to return lifespan to the body it originally belonged. And seeing as how he is a member of the family who died despite doing nothing wrong, it makes sense that they'd bring him back to life. With that in mind, I actually have no real issues with it; him being alive or dead means little to me because he was merely a vehicle through which Oda demonstrated how Big Mom's powers worked. If it was say, Perospero who died, that I'd have an issue with due to how Oda made a big deal about Big Mom threatening to kill him, as well as him being an actual important character.

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    Default Re: The Whole Cake Island Whole Arc Discussion Thread - Reviews for Totland

    Katakuri ruined the entire arc.

    Oda ignored almost everything he set up in the first half of Whole Cake Island just to showcase a lame Bleach/Naruto-looking fight between Luffy and Katakuri is why the story did not work.

    The fact of the matter is that the entire story would have benefited if Katakuri didn't even exist. The weak story and personality is so unlike Oda I could have sworn it was written by an assistant.

    Almost nothing worthwhile was accomplished in the second half. Luffy and the crew might as well have escaped once they reunited with Sanji.

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