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Thread: My Hero Academia II - Bhyyyyyyyyy

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    There is too much in Dabi's overall appearance for me to care about his ears.

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    It's a chunk missing which seems like a different motif is all. The face staples and burn patches are definitely more notable but since someone pointed it out I'm more curious about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyan D. Funk View Post
    I like how Dabi has basically the worst overall net contribution to the League. He wastes a High End Nomu just to say FUCK YOU DAD, refuses to recruit anyone other than a damn double agent, doesn't engage in the weird camaraderie of the rest of the league, and doesn't help at all with Gigantomachia.

    He's essentially their Bakugo.
    Dabi is basically there to ride things out until he can ruin endeavor's life for good. I don't think he even bothered to learn anyone's names

    Set Art by Daily Rowlet

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