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Thread: My Hero Academia II - Bhyyyyyyyyy

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    ^ Oh, wow. I just assumed a different nomu teleported Dabi away. The Doctor originally having the warp sludge quirk would be awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Count Mario View Post
    Just for clarification, did Twice slit a guy's throat with a tape measure?
    Twice has been watching way too much Project Runway.

    Quote Originally Posted by DestinyDogma View Post
    If I remember correctly, AFO could create mindless slaves with two quirks before having the doctor in All Might first explanation, but Noumus are a improved version of that. The first Noumu (the anti-all might one) was drugged and had his body modified, so he could handle all those quirks. So maybe the only thing the doctor does is improving the chances of the victims handling more quirks and also making them phisically stronger with drugs, etc.

    Then we have the High-Ends that would be the final version that still regain their minds, even though the one we saw was a little dumb.

    All of this makes me wonder from where the hell are they taking so many people without the governement noticing, since each Noumu is at least the equivalent of two missing people and we have seen a lot of them.
    And, I'll add the nomu can probably use the same quirks as long as the Doctor has a DNA/blood sample.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rundas View Post
    I wonder if the doctor is Ujiko, the guy who posesses the black sludge warping quirk and helped Dabi to flee from Endeavor and Hawks. I mean he is a close associate of AFO, who also seemingly possesses the quirk. Was it ever fully explained if AFO used the quirk or if someone else did the warping back than.
    It was All For One. That Quirk has a weakness where the use can't warp if they have their arm injured, which happened with AFO.

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