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Thread: My Hero Academia II - Bhyyyyyyyyy

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    Default Re: My Hero Academia II - Bhyyyyyyyyy

    It's not a TLC complaint unless it's inane and unreasonable (as usual).

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    Default Re: My Hero Academia II - Bhyyyyyyyyy

    I feel like one of AP "Woman portrayal" resident complainers and I am always willing to voice how annoyed I am with Horikoshi and MHA for that. And yet I have no problem with Uraraka in this chapter*. She was the only one who was not totally overwhelmed and just stood there like a sitting duck watching things unfold. She took action, took the lead and took control of the situation in a matter of seconds.
    If she used her own superpowers or somebody else's to control Deku feels irrelevant to me.

    But I agree with the previous complaint about Shinso trying to figure out what to say to Deku, I actually laughed with cringe at that. I mean, he wants you to brainwash him. Just say "Hey" so he can answer "what?" and that's enough.
    Last edited by .access timeco.; December 31st, 2018 at 07:16 AM. Reason: *talking about her actions, not about the apparent shift in her motivations - I would need to reread old chapters before opn

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    How is "assessed" a big word?

    I feel like you're greatly over reacting for this chapter.

    What could she have done exactly? What she did here was the smart thing to do. I give her props for that. Yeah she's not overly analytical but she has been shown to understanding of the people around her. And to also learn how to look at the bigger picture during these situations. It's not that far fetched she decided to use Shinso. Who is also supposed to be getting screen time here. This arc isn't solely about her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLC View Post
    I don't care if you use big fancy words like assessment to make it sound impressive, after last week's cliffhanger and the buildup of her character in this chapter to get you excited that she was going to do something really cool and drastic after about two hundred chapters of neglect, for all of that to amount to being her doing nothing but ask Shinsou, the bland nothing whose only here because he's a fanpoll favorite character, to steal her big moment is just terrible and insulting. Nothing about what she did was impressive or something that only she could do. Literally anyone could have looked at Deku and gone "hey Shinsou, do something!" Shinsou could have taken the initiative and done it himself without anyone doing anything. This is just Horikoshi giving Ururaka scraps from the table because he knows he should be giving Ururaka SOMETHING to do because she's technically the female lead but doesn't know what to do. It doesn't even make much sense that Uraraka gets this moment since she has never been the analytical type character. But oh wait, she's a girl and she loves him and all girls have that special psychic power of knowing when their man is in danger I guess because Horikoshi is completely at a loss what to do with Ururaka's character and doesn't know how to write her anymore except in ways that revolve around her love for Deku, strong female character writing right there.

    Yeah lol and people call Oda sexist, Oda gave a secondary minor character a whole chapter to have a cool transformation sequence into a werewolf and wreck shit up, it's been about two hundred chapters since the tournament arc and this is the best Horikoshi could do? Give me a break.
    Wow my God was that painful to read.

    Were we reading the same thing?

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    I think I get what he's saying. Uraraka did do something useful, but it wasn't amazing. It was good, but it wasn't necessarily a moment that earned that backstory. Her saving Deku could've worked just as well without it. Its kind of like this arc. There's so much potential wasted. It wasn't horrible, but I expected more than what I got.

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    A more flashy way of helping him woulda been nice. Or rather. For Deku's quirk to go outta control towards the end of the match so the others had a chance for screen time. But well who knows where this will go after this chapter. I don't find it to be the worst thing ever.

    Mostly Unrelated. My MHA oc for my friend's campaign is coming out better than I could have hoped for. Blue Dragon sea slugs are amazing and offer up some fun designs ideas lol. I'm having fun drawing him. I keep coming up with variations.

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    Default Re: My Hero Academia II - Bhyyyyyyyyy



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    Quote Originally Posted by KageKageKing View Post
    When you're posting art stuff like that, it helps to say what it is you're hiding under the tag.

    Also, you can use [ hide] instead of [ spoiler].

    Also the forum auto sizes large images so you probably didn't need to hide it at all.
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    Vigilantes chapter 45 is out

    Been a while since we saw bee girl, almost didn't recognize her with the ponytail. Nice that Knuckleduster and Tsukauchi's boss know each other. I'm a bit confused whether or not Knuckleduster knows that speed villain. Guess there's no reason for KD to lie about it but I thought evil guy was his old sidekick. Maybe Reverse Flash only admired Knuckleduster and wanted his quirk. If so, how does AFO play into all this? There can't be another person or drug that takes and passes quirks. That'd diminish AFO's role in the main series. The guy has to be the one pulling all the strings.

    Also, screw you Knuckleduster for still not visiting Koichi. Stop acting like the proud papa. You're a deadbeat dad.

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